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data management platforms

Article by By James Bayhack, Sub-Saharan Africa Director at?www.CM.com In today’s digital world, data-driven customer analytics have become the heartbeat of modern businesses. Customers are engaging ..

8 months ago
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breaking barriers

There is this short documentary video by Safaricom Foundation that I recently watched and it got me thinking – what was hard for the school to mobilise the community to do just what Safaricom did? ..

10 months ago
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The key to running and hosting a more successful panel is to ensure that you have done your planning well. It’s very easy to forget some of the core basics when you’re rushing around and booking ..

2 years ago
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national action plan

The more people get connected via the Internet, the more businesses leverage the power of the Internet to reach consumers, and governments, NGOs, companies, and individuals acquire data capturing and data ..

2 years ago
Comments Off on A key achievement for National Action Plan on UNGP will be to ensure consumer protection against privacy breaches
bbi can fix kenya

BBI HAS SOME GOOD IN IT   Today I saw this post on a WhatsApp status,   “Our bus is badly driven. Wheels have come out; Engine has knocked; Tank is empty; and Gearbox has been stolen.   The driver ..

2 years ago
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