Raila vs Ruto 2022 OPINION

Raila vs Ruto 2022 – A detailed breakdown of Raila’s 51% possible win

Campaigns are officially over but before August 9th arrives, it is time for us to sit down and worry about the possibility of our preferred candidate emerging the winner in…

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2022 presidential election OPINION

How William Ruto may win the 2022 Presidential Election

Two days ago I wrote the article predicting Raila’s win in the 2022 Presidential Election with 51% of the votes cast. In that article, I concluded that there is a…

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2022 Elections OPINION

Three independent analysts predict a 51% win for Raila Odinga in the 2022 elections

Kenya’s 2022 elections is 6 days away. As the election date draws near, the majority of people become anxious as to who will emerge victorious, particularly in the presidential election….

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Ruth Ferland OPINION

The spirit of innovation is ripe in Kenya but needs continuous nurturing

Hundreds of students from across Kenya participated in a virtual hackathon organized by Microsoft and Equity Bank between the 17th of February and the 17th of March this year. The…

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Jack Ngare OPINION

Tech trends for 2022 and what they mean for the African continent

This opinion piece was written by Jack Ngare, the Managing Director, African Development Centre We have observed a significant march toward the complete digitization of the world in recent years….

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hybrid workspaces OPINION

Navigating the ‘messy middle’ in hybrid workspaces

The remote-work world that we embraced at the height of the pandemic has evolved with blended, hybrid workspaces now taking centre stage. This will define the post-pandemic business landscape, according…

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identity protection OPINION

Cyberthreats in Kenya are rising, but businesses still lack strong identity protection

By Mohamed El Nemr, Modern Workplace and Security Business Group Lead for Microsoft Middle East and Africa Emerging Markets What would you imagine your username and password are worth to…

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tm roh OPINION

Setting a New Standard for Smartphones in Our Changing World

By Dr. TM Roh, President & Head of MX Business, Samsung Electronics When I look around me, I’m astounded by how much innovation exists in our world today. Yet I am…

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Unlocking productivity within banking through collaboration

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, banks were under increased strain due to slowing industry growth, a low-interest-rate environment, and the rise of Fintechs and other non-traditional players. Today, banks are…

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windree air conditioner HOME APPLIANCES

The Samsung WindFree Air Conditioner is now available in Kenya

The Samsung WindFree Air Conditioner is now available in Kenya. The windfree air conditioner boasts of the highest cooling capacity available in the Kenyan market. The WindFree air conditioner was…

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role of technology OPINION

Reframing the role of technology in education for the future of work

By Kendi Ntwiga, Microsoft’s country’s head, Kenya Around half of today’s occupations necessitate some kind of digital proficiency. By 2030, that percentage will have risen to 77 percent, thanks to…

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cloud-based ERPs OPINION

For SMEs, cloud-based ERPs are the key to digital transformation

By Maher Al-Khaiyat, Regional Business Applications Director for Microsoft MEA The hallmarks of today’s society are constant change, unpredictability, and digital disruption. Companies must be nimble to manage this unpredictably…

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cloud tech OPINION

Cloud tech fosters an entrepreneurial environment that boosts the economy

By Kendi Ntwiga, Microsoft Country Manager for Kenya There is no doubt that economic recovery will be buoyed by the success of our start-ups and small businesses. This is because, in Kenya,…

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Internet as Utility OPINION

It is time to treat the internet as a utility

By Loren Bosch, The Chief Operating Officer at Echo Kenya The Internet has transformed many aspects of our lives today and continues to disrupt our normal way of doing things….

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university students OPINION

University Students need continuous mentorship to become relevant in their chosen fields of study

By Joshua Ndemenge, a student of Dedan Kimathi University. Ngemenge was team leader of Team RemDe, the winners of Season 1 of the Game of Learners Competition sponsored by Microsoft  …

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data management platforms OPINION

Understanding customer relationship management systems (CRMs), customer data platforms (CDPs), and Data management platforms (DMPs)

Article by By James Bayhack, Sub-Saharan Africa Director at?www.CM.com In today’s digital world, data-driven customer analytics have become the heartbeat of modern businesses. Customers are engaging with businesses through digital…

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covid vaccines OPINION

Comparing COVID Vaccines to a condom is very wrong!

“What are COVID vaccines for” is question a friend asked on his Facebook after the Ministry of Health posted this, “Vaccinated persons should continue to follow all current guidelines to…

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stem subjects OPINION

It remains important to encourage girls to embrace STEM subjects

By Wanjira Kamwere, Business Development Manager, MySkills4Afrika Programme According to a UNESCO report titled, “Cracking the Code: Girls’ and Women’s education in STEM”, only 35 percent of STEM students in…

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breaking barriers OPINION

Breaking barriers the Safaricom way

There is this short documentary video by Safaricom Foundation that I recently watched and it got me thinking – what was hard for the school to mobilise the community to…

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digital foundation OPINION

A digital foundation can help Africa’s supply chain prepare for challenges of tomorrow

By Kendi Nderitu, the Country Leader at Microsoft Kenya While it’s likely few people outside the supply chain industry would have given much thought to the sector before 2020, it…

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Redefining the role of CFO beyond the ties of COVID-19

The setbacks experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have been unlike any seen before. The impact seen on the financials of industries and organisations across the globe has…

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Using Compliance Manager to ensure compliance in the new normal OPINION

Using Compliance Manager to ensure compliance in the new normal

By Mohamed El Nemr, Modern Workplace and Security Business Group Lead for Microsoft Middle East and Africa Emerging Markets In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many consistent challenges have…

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workforce dynamics OPINION

HR must embrace the new workforce dynamics occasioned by COVID-19

By Siwar Zein, Human Resource Director, Microsoft Middle East & Africa Emerging Markets The way we work has been irrevocably changed by the challenges we have been faced with in…

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view skills OPINION

It’s time to reset the lens through which we view skills

By Martin Ndlovu, Skills Programme Manager – Microsoft 4Afrika Much has been said of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and how it will impact the jobs of today. 4IR is…

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Governance Technology OPINION

The future of Africa can be assured by Africa’s leadership engaging with Technology

By Kendi Nderitu is Country Manager, Microsoft Kenya This year has been one of uncertainty and unexpected challenges. While it’s nothing new to say that things have changed as we’ve…

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Data-driven agriculture can solve the challenge of food security in Africa

By Amrote Abdella is Regional Director: Microsoft 4Afrika One of most the prominent challenges facing Africa is providing food security for its citizens. While many farmers still rely on traditional…

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Economic Inequality OPINION

SMEs play critical role against economic inequality in emerging markets

By Soromfe Uzomah, Head, Strategic Partnerships at Microsoft 4Afrika One of the great challenges of the 21st Century is the need to reduce poverty levels and economic inequality globally. Economic…

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Skilling OPINION

A culture of skilling is pivotal to Africa’s transformation with technology

By Chrystèle Dumont, Marketing and Operations Lead, Microsoft Middle East Africa – Emerging Markets The COVID-19 pandemic can be said to have played a major role in streamlining the move…

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Digital Banking OPINION

Digital banking – Connecting people with finance: new digital core in banks

By Vincent Chen, CTO, Global Financial Industry, Huawei Enterprise Business Group In the banking industry, the stable running of IT systems is imperative. This is what drove the industry to…

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digitalisation OPINION

A 360-degree approach to digitalisation in Africa is crucial to growth

By Ibrahim Youssry, Regional General Manager MEA Multi-Country Cluster for Microsoft Africa is sitting on a well of potential that if tapped could lead to substantial growth and development along…

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