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Social media is popular, not just because it connects us from wherever and whenever but  also the ease with which we can lie and get away with it makes it appealing. And the lies are several. We lie about ..

8 years ago
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Yesterday Mashable reported that Twitter is testing a major profile redesign that looks a lot like Facebook – and Google+. A number of randomly selected users have been seeing major changes on their ..

8 years ago
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I have a feeling Twitter DM is hard to use, or rather manage. Deleting a long conversation, if you have to, will take you hours so when I read that Twitter is planning a raft of changes on its DM I thought ..

8 years ago
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Since Twitter announced that they had the intention of going public, they have introduced a number of features aimed at increasing user engagement in the platform. They started by introducing the @MagicRecs ..

8 years ago
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Howdy organizations and business owners, yes, I am talking to you. Twitter can boggle, millions of tweets are sent out every waking moment, that one is hard-pressed to think about how to ensure visibility ..

8 years ago
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