LinkedIn Premium membership LIFESTYLE

This is why I will never pay for LinkedIn Premium Membership

If there is one important social media website it is LinkedIn, especially if you consider yourself a mature human who wants to interact only with fellow mature humans. The site…

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Google hack social media

There is only one way Google can hack social media – and it requires patience, lots of patience

Word on the streets has it that hardly four months after Google pulled the plug on Google Plus (Google+), the search giant is again making attempts to hack social media….

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Hire on Facebook LIFESTYLE

Facebook goes after LinkedIn with Hire on Facebook Feature

Facebook continues to push features aimed at making it a one stop shop for all online services. From being a purely social media platform to an e-commerce portal, Facebook recently…

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Instagram, Twitter Puts The Future Of Kenyan Influencers’ Heads In The Noose

For companies to partner with an individual or digital institution for influencing, the number of ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ really matter at the negotiation stage.

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FaceApp Challenge

So what if we give our information to Russia through the FaceApp Challenge?

80 million people, myself included, are the minimum number of people who have submitted their photos to FaceApp for the FaceApp Challenge. FaceApp challenge is not anything complicated as other…

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Facebook’s Early Christmas: Agency Settles For Peanuts In Platform’s Data Violation

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has now agreed to a $5 billion settlement to let Facebook off the leash.

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WhatsApp down

I just uninstalled my WhatsApp kumbe it was WhatsApp down

For a hour or so I have been unable to download images from WhatsApp, and I thought it is my phone that has an issue. Kachwanya even sent me a…

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WhatsApp Status updates

How to Edit WhatsApp Status Updates – You can use the same process to steal someone’s updates

If there is one big downside of Twitter is the inability to edit tweets. Tweeps have asked Twitter to include this ability, but over and again Twitter has shown them…

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Bloggers win Big at BAKE Awards 2019

The BAKE Awards 2019 winners were announced yesterday at an event held at the Utalii Hotel. The Winners’ Gala Event was attended by some of Kenya’s top bloggers and influencers….

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Facebook To Be Charged For Storing User Passwords In Plain Text

Facebook is once again on the chopping block after the Irish Data Protection Commission opened a new investigation into the tech company over security lapses and privacy breaches. The firm…

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Twitter Boss Says Follows And Likes Are A Recipe Of Abuse On The Platform

If I was to create Twitter again, I would not emphasize on follows, neither would I include the like button on tweets, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has said. The co-founder of…

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Why Social Media Platforms Have No Power Over Terrorist Attacks Broadcasted Online

In recent months, social media platforms have suffered losses following violent extremist and terrorist attacks waged on citizens from across the world. Platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and even…

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Why ‘Florida Man’ Is Trending Across Social Media Platforms

The internets are going crazy with ‘Florida man’ with online challenges being thrown across the platforms under ‘Florida man’. The twitter feed that has spilt over to Google, Instagram, Reddit…

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Facebook Under fire After New Zealand Attacker Live Streams Killings For Minutes

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms are under fire for failing to stop the spread of the Christchurch mosque attack videos. The platforms have been blamed for allowing the proliferation of…

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FaceBook is made up of ‘digital gangsters’ – British MPs

British Lawmakers’ have branded Facebook ‘digital gangsters’ for failing to fight the spread of fake news and violating data privacy. In the report named ‘Disinformation and fake news’ MPs on…

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Finally, WhatsApp Users Can Block Annoying Group Invites

iPhone users will be the first to enjoy consent on WhatsApp as the platform introduces a new feature. Individuals will now have an option of blocking people from adding them…

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facebook amazon data breach

Third Facebook bug hits 6.8 million users

Close on the heels of Google’s second data leak from its social media platform Google+, Facebook reported a breach in its system due to a bug which may have exposed…

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Daily Nation is by far still the leading newspaper, not only in Kenya, but in the entire East and Central Africa

In the recent weeks there have been debates on who is the king of Kenya’s news paper sector. Is it the Daily Nation (including the sister papers the Saturday Nation,…

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facebook Skype government CA

Government seeks to Monitor Facebook and Skype

Kenya has plans to make steps in the control of the internet. In a step seemingly borrowed from our bigger Chinese brothers, the country is looking to regulate Whatsapp and…

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ditching Facebook

Why I am slowly ditching Facebook for LinkedIn

Two social media platforms have proved unusable for me – Twitter and Instagram. What the two have in common is that you don’t have to have a mutual connection with…

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Yanny vs Laurel LIFESTYLE

If you heard Laurel instead of Yanny in this Audio, then you’re definitely old

An audio file that first appeared on Instagram asking guys to vote on whether they heard Yanny or Laurel is now breaking Twitter, with Twitter divided on whether they are…

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What about Gmail as a Social Media Platform?

There are so many people who are tired with Facebook, especially given the recent privacy scandals that rocked Facebook thanks to Cambridge Analytica. Not only that, but Facebook has become…

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Facebook Matchmaking Feature

Facebook Matchmaking Feature to come to life this year just as I predicted four years ago

Yesterday was Facebook’s F8 annual developer conference where the social media giant addresses developers from across the globe on the plans Facebook has for the year. In the 2018 F8…

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Voting for BAKE Awards 2018 ongoing – Part 1

Voting for the BAKE Awards 2018 has been ongoing for weeks and is set to end on 30th April 2018, which is only 13 days away, so you have less…

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BAKE Announces BAKE Awards 2018 Nominees

The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) has today announced the nominees in the BAKE Awards 2018.  The nominee announcement also coincides with the launch of the voting phase. Voting starts…

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Larry Madowo becomes the latest casualty of Raila Odinga’s mock swearing in

Looks like Raila Odinga is the only person who will not suffer the consequences of his mock swearing in. Others like Miguna Miguna, Linus Kaikai, and now Larry Madowo are…

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Facebook mind reading

Facebook mind reading ability and why you need to stop caring about privacy

I can’t find the Facebook update but a few months ago, Frederick Ombako, a good friend of mine and one of our writers here at, updated his Facebook status…

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The rise of Facebook groups a threat to Jumia’s e-commerce dominance in Africa

Informal transactions through Facebook groups are threatening the success of e-commerce giants in Africa according to a recent straw poll on the impact of the Black Friday sale promotion on this fledgling…

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ShowMax Kenya AFRICA

Focus on local content is giving ShowMax Kenya an edge over competition

If you have a few million dollars and you want to enter into competition with a company like Netflix that is worth almost a billion dollars then you have already…

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DStv subscribers MEDIA HOUSES

This is an insult to DStv subscribers

I once wanted to buy a dress for my wife. I asked for the price. He said Shs 5,000. “Discount?. He insulted me – the same way Multichoice insulted DStv…

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