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How many Facebook users do we have in Africa? I have done an estimate for Facebook users in major countries of interest (to me) in Africa namely Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia ..

6 years ago
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Is WhatsApp the best messaging App out there? According to user statistics yes but here are the three ways Wiper beats WhatsApp hands down: Before we start, my WhatsApp is about to expire and I don’t ..

6 years ago
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I used to think that one could sell virtually anything on OLX, at least based on a promo that ran some time back on “everything sells”. Well, I came to learn that not everything sells on OLX – ..

6 years ago
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I’ve been bored the most part of the morning and with nothing much to do, I decided to humor myself by reading comments on Safaricom’s Facebook page (by the way when bored I would advice you to at times ..

6 years ago
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Are you a tidy person? I tidy well organized person is first seen by his desktop. Those who are neat and tidy prefer to organize their files in folders whereas the carefree untidy and sadly unhealthy ones, ..

6 years ago
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My friend Detter has the ugliest phone I have ever seen, it is a Motorola,  this tiny black one that I call “viazi” because of its shape. It has very hard buttons that you have to bite just to dial ..

7 years ago
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