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He makes extensive efforts to encrypt his communications, blocks out ads on his web browsers and maintains his own server. He uses a “dumb” mobile phone that does not transmit personal unencrypted ..

7 years ago
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A big thank you as always to Kachwanya who allows me to re-post and post content on his brand. As a follow up to the last article I posted here that covered my thoughts on #TwitterBigStick, I felt not reposting ..

9 years ago
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For sometime now Kenyan politicians have been getting the taste of social media and i must say some of them have become actual experts on it. The top on the list is Martha Karua. She #getit. So this week ..

9 years ago
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I knew about Mind Speak through twitter, back at the beginning of last year. Since then I have been a loyal attendee. I listened to Jeff Koinange, Bob Collymore, Gina Din , US Ambassador to Kenya Michael ..

10 years ago
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Since the eruption of the protests in Tunisia which toppled the  former President for life Zine El Abidine Ben Ali there have been calls on twitter for Kenyans to take on streets and do something similar. ..

10 years ago
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