Facebook explains what caused its widespread outage

Yesterday, Monday, at around 5 PM, Facebook and its family of apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp, went totally inaccessible for hours bringing the whole world that that uses these apps…

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Facebook audio content moderation will not be a walk in the park

There seems to be a sudden excitement and migration from the usual live videos that we have been used to, to live audio on the social media platforms recently. The…

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Against WhatsApp

The outcry against WhatsApp is a lot of hullabaloo about nothing

Since late last week there have been a lot of outcry against WhatsApp, and the reason being the updated WhatsApp Privacy Policy – Chief being the requirement that if by…

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Facebook hosts its Communities Summit 2020, announces new tools for Group Admins

Today Facebook hosted its Communities Summit, a virtual event that was attended by more than nine hundred thousand users from across the world. Mark Zuckerberg kicked off by celebrating the…

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Facebook ‘classic’ interface will be disabled this September

Facebook has announced that its old “classic” interface with the iconic blue navigation bar at the top will disappear for good this September. Facebook is now warning users trying to…

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Chris Cox returns to Facebook as the Chief Product Officer a year after disagreeing with Zuckerberg

On March 14, 2019, Chris Cox, decided to step down as Facebook’s Chief Product Officer at the time Facebook was reorganizing its top leadership as part of its efforts towards…

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top 10 safety tips LIFESTYLE

Facebook Top 10 Safety Tips for Parents shared at Facebook for Safer Internet Forum

Facebook in partnership with Watoto Watch Network hosted the “Facebook for Safer Internet Forum” to demonstrate how the company and Its family of apps are committed to online safety. Facebook…

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WhatsApp down OTHERS

I just uninstalled my WhatsApp kumbe it was WhatsApp down

For a hour or so I have been unable to download images from WhatsApp, and I thought it is my phone that has an issue. Kachwanya even sent me a…

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ditching Facebook LIFESTYLE

Why I am slowly ditching Facebook for LinkedIn

Two social media platforms have proved unusable for me – Twitter and Instagram. What the two have in common is that you don’t have to have a mutual connection with…

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Facebook Matchmaking Feature LIFESTYLE

Facebook Matchmaking Feature to come to life this year just as I predicted four years ago

Yesterday was Facebook’s F8 annual developer conference where the social media giant addresses developers from across the globe on the plans Facebook has for the year. In the 2018 F8…

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Facebook mind reading

Facebook mind reading ability and why you need to stop caring about privacy

I can’t find the Facebook update but a few months ago, Frederick Ombako, a good friend of mine and one of our writers here at Kachwanya.com, updated his Facebook status…

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facebook live

Good news to all Facebook Live publishers. Facebook has now made it possible for Pages to go live via a web browser.

Facebook is keen in growing its Live Video platform and the only way to do this is by making it easier for publishers to set up their Live Broadcast. Initially,…

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facebook live 360

Facebook Live Audio is here to assist publishers to go Live in areas with poor network connectivity

Facebook is always working towards giving its community more and more to ensure they remain engaged at all times. Sometimes maybe we need a little less. Thankfully, Facebook also understands…

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background colours/gradient

Facebook will now allow Android users to add custom background colours/gradient to text-only posts

Facebook will now allow you to add background colours/gradient to your posts. This new feature will only work with text-only posts. As of now the feature does not work for…

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facebook live 360

Facebook Live 360 – Facebook merges its two video features, Live video streams and 360 degree videos

360 degree videos are awesome. They enable you to re-live an experience as if you were actually there in person. With Facebook’s new feature you can experience the moment when…

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facebook instant games

Facebook Instant Games – Facebook now lets you play games on Messenger and Facebook News Feed without installing anything

Facebook has introduced a new initiative called Facebook Instant Games. This is a gaming platform that will let Facebook users play games both on their Facebook Messenger app and in…

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SlimSocial for Facebook – the Facebook Lite option for Windows 10 Mobile

You will agree with me that the performance of the official Facebook app for Windows 10 Mobile is wanting although feature wise it is a great app. SlimSocial for Facebook is…

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Facebook Page Admins’ can now schedule Live Video broadcasts

Starting today, 19th October, 2016, Facebook is rolling out the ability for Verified Pages to schedule live broadcasts, starting with live videos published via the Facebook Live API. Note that…

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facebook messenger APP REVIEWS

Facebook Messenger takes on Snapchat by offering Instant Videos

Now courtesy of Facebook Messenger you will be able to stream live videos. This new feature introduced by Facebook Messenger will be similar to the now popular live Instant Videos…

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Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria (Update: And Kenya)

Nigeria got the honour of being the first sub-Saharan country to host the CEO of (probably) the most popular social networks and Instant Messaging services (mark the plural) in any…

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Facebook Privacy Settings have not been changed

Over the past few days while online on Facebook I have come across this post that is going extremely viral on my news feeds. The hoax claims that Facebook Privacy Settings…

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Facebook reactions is now available across the world

Facebook launches reactions across the world. The long awaited development from the tech company has seen many people express themselves using different emoticons. Previously, users were only allowed to Like…

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Facebook moves to recognize Fake Facebook Accounts

According to data released by Facebook in 2014, up to 12 percent of Facebook accounts are fake. With over 1.5 billion accounts currently active on Facebook, the number of Fake…

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Facebook vows to use the Safety Check feature more often

On Saturday evening I was in my own world. My brain was making some inside jokes about a comedy show I had watched on Youtube, so, I had no idea…

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The Other Inbox on Facebook is being replaced with Request to Chat

Some of you don’t know that there is the Other Inbox on Facebook. Since most of you use Facebook on mobile, you may never come to know about this not-so-important…

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Facebook Is Testing Other Reaction Options Like Love, Hate, Haha, Wow And Others

Expression is key in communication. WhatsApp allows users to send what they feel and many appreciate the network. Three months ago Facebook teased people with there dislike button. Unfortunately, it…

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You Don’t Like A Post On Facebook? Soon There Will Be A Dislike Button For That

I hate most of the things people post on Facebook, especially irrelevant updates and circumstantial articles. Facebook will allow users to dislike posts and photos on Facebook. The social network…

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Gregory Tyler Austin Posted His Location On Facebook Yet He’s A Wanted Man

How do you post your location on Facebook when you know very well you are a wanted man? Criminals on the run are supposed to be ghosts, nobody should know…

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How To Protect Your Account From Those Obscene Facebook Hacks

Have you ever been hacked on Facebook? Well, many people always post complaints that their accounts have been hacked. Many instances pornographic videos or photos are posted or tagged on…

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Facebook Joins Twitter In Live Video Streaming Craze

Facebook is making advancements in videos. Last month Facebook announced that it will start paying video creators who upload videos on the platform. Many people on Twitter and Snapchat enjoy…

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