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BAKE Awards 2019

The BAKE Awards 2019 winners were announced yesterday at an event held at the Utalii Hotel. The Winners’ Gala Event was attended by some of Kenya’s top bloggers and influencers. Like in recent ..

2 years ago
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What writing apps do you use? Way back, in campus, after my Samsung Galaxy Pocket left me for the world, I took to drafting my blog posts on paper. The blogging blogs said that that was the way; that words ..

5 years ago
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Watch Kennedy Kachwanya as he explains to Margarte Njugunah of Capital TV the three ways to make money as a blogger, especially in Kenya; then read through the report reproduced below. This piece is by Margaret ..

6 years ago
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Local Musicians fought foreigners until today a Kenyan artist can make a living by music alone; and not just a simple living but living large. From close to zero percent local music being played in our radios ..

7 years ago
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