Akshay Grover

Akshay Grover appointed CEO of Cellulant

Cellulant’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Akshay Grover, has been appointed as Group CEO and Director of Cellulant with effect from 1…

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Martin Mirero

Martin Mirero joins Ajua as Chief Technology Officer

Martin Mirero joins Ajua as Chief Technology Officer to accelerate the expansion of Ajua’s Integrated Customer Experience platform across Africa. In this role, Martin Mirero will lead the development of…

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Remembering Bob Collymore

Remembering Bob Collymore with his big 3 transformations at Safaricom

Today Safaricom is remembering Bob Collymore. On social media particularly twitter, the memory is being done under the hashtag #CelebratingBob where Kenyans and media houses are sharing the good tidings…

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Sports CS Amina Mohamed now eyes World Trade Organization’s top post

Director-General Roberto Azevêdo has announced that he will step down as the World Trade Organization chief on August 31, an unexpected announcement that has caught the officials at the organization…

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Peter Ndegwa new Safaricom CEO

The appointment of Peter Ndegwa as the new Safaricom CEO has already raised eyebrows

Finally it has been done. Safaricom has a new CEO. He is Peter Ndegwa – currently the CEO of Diageo Continental Europe. Peter Ndegwa has an extensive experience in management,…

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R.I.P Bob Collymore

R.I.P Bob Collymore – What everyone is saying about Bob Collymore

As everyone writes R.I.P Bob Collymore on their status updates, we at wish to join the rest in sending our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and Safaricom staff…

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Bob Collymore safaricom

The seven years of Bob Collymore at the helm of Safaricom

As Bob Collymore take a few months off due to sickness, here at we would like to wish him a quick recovery. We hope to see him back soon…

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Here is how to be part of FranklinCovey Speed of Trust Kenya tour

  Trust has speed – the Speed of Trust. This is according to Stephen M. R. Covey who will be in town to speak about trust, not merely as a soft,…

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Equity Bank CEO Dr. James Mwangi lied to Kenyans on live television

The state of the banking industry is not rosy. Since the collapse of Chase Bank, Kenyans have been wondering if there is any bank left that is immune to collapse,…

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Meet Stephen Jennings, a major investor of Tatu City

Of the hallmarks of civilization which include metrics like stable food supply, adoption of up to date technologies, efficient governance structure, number of prisoners and how a society treats her…

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INTERVIEW with Zoltan Istvan – 2016 US Presidential Candidate promising indefinite lifespan

The US Presidential Elections is due in November next year, and one of the Presidential Candidates is Zoltan Istvan, an atheist transhumanist and founder of the Transhumanist Party. Of all…

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