Interactive storytelling

How Bandersnatch Movie foretells the future of interactive storytelling

Arguably interactive storytelling can trace back it’s origins to the 1970s when games like the Colossal Cave Adventure hit TV screens. As a text-based game, Colossal Cave Adventure provided an…


Safaricom has launched BAZE, a subscription-based mobile-first, video-on-demand service

Safaricom yesterday at the Michael Joseph Centre in Nairobi unveiled BAZE, a mobile-first, video-on-demand service that offers a wide selection of local and regional short form videos in comedy, drama,…

This Love

This Love – The Love story between Wahu and Nameless – Premieres on Showmax

This Love, musicians Nameless and Wahu’s new docu-reality series, is now streaming exclusively on Showmax, and it is loaded with some nostalgic moments and revelations. Created and executive produced by…

local content development

StarTimes set to play a pivotal role in local content development in Kenya

Pay Television Company StarTimes Media is set to play a significant role in local content development in the country with the planned progressive roll out of exclusive productions that continue…

Africa Day

May 25th will be Africa Day, and you can celebrate it by watching these watching African productions that’s plenty on Showmax

Africa Day commemorates the founding of the Organisation of African Unity, and it’s coming up this Tuesday, 25 May 2021. While pan-African travel remains a distant dream for now, it’s never been…


LG OLED TV Honored The Director’s Choice Hollywood, In Emmy Awards

LG’s OLED has been hailed by content creators, producers and distributors for its self-lit pixels, accurate color reproduction among other unique features, making OLED TV the director’s choice in Hollywood….

Star Times

Star Times grows e-shopping platform product range

Pay Television Company Star Times Kenya has introduced additional consumer products on its integrated e-shopping platform StarTimes GO enabling Kenyans to access a variety of electronics, beauty products, design, portable…

akili kids

Akili Kids commissioned GeoPoll Survey finds Great Appetite for Children’s TV in Kenya

A recent survey by GeoPoll highlights that there is an appetite for daytime children programming in Kenya, especially during the Covid period. The survey found that Citizen TV is the most-watched…

online learning

KICD Startimes partner to grow access to online learning

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) has entered into a partnership agreement with the StarTimes Kenya, a digital television provider to provide access to interactive education content to learners…


Usiku Games to offer free rates to mobile gamers during COVID-19 lockdown

As the coronavirus outbreak widens and continues to put Kenyans under key and lock at home, Kenya’s mobile games company, Usiku Games wants to entertain you with its free-rated mobile…

Freelance economy

The Freelance Economy – When everything will be ubanized

Sometimes I get lost into my own thoughts imagining crazy scenarios, then waking up. The problem comes when I Google my crazy imaginations only to find that a crazier someone…


Why hollywood rather spend more to film in South Africa but bypass Kenya

Yesterday I came to learn and appreciate why Hollywood prefers South Africa to Kenya for filming. It goes beyond Government support or even the cost of shooting a scene. Actually…

Old or young

This picture should tell you whether you are old or young

Ever wondered whether you should be considered old or young? The picture shown above depicts two women – one young woman an old lady. It is however very hard to…


Betting on Hollywood Movies

The practice of betting is a huge part of American culture. It has been capturing the minds of people for a long time, and games like poker and blackjack have…

Sony A8F Series

Sony launches affordable Sony A8F Series TVs for Kshs 399K and Kshs 650K

You know that expensive TVs are TVs that are worth Kshs 1 million and above, right? If you have forgotten, in 2013 Sony launched a shillings 1 million TV and…

2018 World Cup

The biggest loser in the FIFA 2018 World Cup Season so far is an AI by Germans

There are many losers this 2018 World Cup Season, top of which is Africa as a continent – a continent of 54 countries; yet none could play good football to…


HEVA Fund LLP and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) to bring Kshs 90 Million into Kenya’s Entertainment Industry

The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) have signed a cooperation agreement with HEVA Fund LLP to advance credit and technical assistance in a project worth KES 90 million (EUR 800,000)…


Your vote for HOMELESS short Film will mean a lot

The deadline for voting for your favorite short film in the ongoing My Kenya My Story by Kenya Film Commission is tomorrow – the 14th day of June 2018 –…

Cloak & Dagger

Cloak & Dagger – Fresh, New and First on Showmax

I’m so very surprised. Very. I have always known that Showmax can only bring to us shows that are at least two years old. If they do better, their head…

FIFA 2018 World Cup

Safaricom subscribers will be able to stream live FIFA 2018 World Cup, with Giga Football Passes, almost for free

Before you ask me to take back my words, consider this; someone will walk into a club or some other entertainment joint, buy two bottles of beer (whatever the brand),…

My Kenya My Story

Why you should VOTE for HOMELESS in the ongoing My Kenya My Story Competition

Click Here to vote for Homeless in the ongoing My Kenya My Story smartphone competition organised by Kenya Film Commission. My Kenya My Story is a short film shot on…

Zuku plus Showmax

Zuku Plus Showmax, a new service package for Zuku Fiber customers

Showmax and Zuku Fiber have introduced the Zuku plus Showmax service package for Zuku Fiber customers. The new service will be known as Zuku Fiber plus Showmax and is available on Zuku Fiber…


How Technology has Contributed to the Growth of Sport Betting Industry in Kenya

The success of sport betting in Kenya has been discussed at length including the recent introduction of the new taxes. But I think the part which is little talked about…

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