Safaricom’s FY20 creates a performance baseline for CEO Peter Ndegwa

The newly appointed Safaricom Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Peter Ndegwa took over the leadership of Safaricom officially on 1st April 2020 following the statement of his appointment notice issued on…

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Telkom Kenya

Telkom Kenya to power University of Nairobi’s e-learning programme

Telkom Kenya has launched a customised and reliable mobile data solution for the students, members of faculty and staff of the University of Nairobi (UoN), to enable continuity of learning,…

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Affordable mobile internet telkom kenya

The blunder Telkom made with its affordable Mobile Internet

Recently I had a discussion with a content distributor about the viability of Over The Top (OTT) and/or Video on Demand (VoD) content distribution models in Kenya, and the conclusion…

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Safaricom Zuri

I tried Safaricom Zuri on WhatsApp – It’s so dumb

Approximately every five years the word AI receives a new operational definition. There was a time the word applied to any machine that could perform binary computation, where your typical…

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New Safaricom postpay

The new Safaricom Postpay with no-expiry is very tempting – I may just hop in

Hate it or love it Safaricom still offers the best mobile Internet service in the country, although extremely expensive. But the expensive part seems to have reduced from extremely expensive…

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new prefixes

Safaricom does not need new prefixes to add 2 million subscribers to its network

Yesterday Safaricom made an announcement that it introduced two new prefixes, 0110 and 0111 to the market, prefixes that should allow it add two million new subscribers to its network….

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financial services industry

Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to Africa’s financial services industry

The financial services industry has been at an inflection point. Regulatory requirements have been on the climb, consumers have begun expecting highly personalised experiences while security threats remain dynamic. The…

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5G smartphone in Kenya

It’s okay, you can go ahead and buy a 5G smartphone now that 5G Internet is about to rock Kenya thanks to Safaricom

Since 2018 smartphone manufacturers have been rolling out smartphones that are 5G capable, but the appetite for the phones has been lacking given the unavailability of 5G networks in many…

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New Lipa Na MPESA Promotion will give away 6 houses

Safaricom (NSE: SCOM) has today launched an eight week Lipa Na MPESA promotion that will reward both customers and merchants for making and receiving payments through the service. Buyers and sellers…

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Universal Service Fund

Universal Service Fund by CA connects 68 remote sub-locations to mobile telephony

68 sub-locations across the country, previously not linked to the basic mobile telephony, are now enjoying services thanks to the Universal Service Fund (USF) administered by the Communications Authority of…

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Unlimited Airtel Internet

Unlimited Airtel Internet for shs 1K a month – Unbelievable

I am a Faiba 4G fan. They have the best Internet in town. Imagine this; for shs 300, you get 8GB. That will last for one week. Then if you…

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Airtel Kenya

Airtel is on a suicide mission

Airtel is on a suicide mission, but before I wonder why, there is another thing that I don’t understand. Why is anyone still using Safaricom data? This I ask because…

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Safaricom Heist Season 2

Safaricom’s No expiry on Data or Airtime comes at the cost of Safaricom Heist Season 2

By the end of June this year, Kenyans woke up to the news that there was a way to mint free data and talktime through Safaricom’s Platinum and Flex products….

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1 million jobs Safaricom

1 million jobs – the amount of direct/indirect jobs Safaricom currently provides

1 million jobs, more precisely, 979,000 jobs, are the number of jobs currently sustained by Safaricom, both directly and indirectly, as the biggest telecommunication company continues to contribute to the…

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Telkom Kenya

Telkom Kenya is still pushing to fire 575 employees whose posts will be rendered redundant should Telkom merger with Airtel go through

By the end of last month an internal memo by Telkom Kenya indicating that the struggling telecommunication company intends to fire 575 employees was shared with us. Later Telkom Kenya…

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Storo Bonus

Safaricom doubles Storo Bonus – But it is still bogus

Safaricom has always given me a target of spending Kshs 17 of airtime any single day, and when I do so I get shs 17 free airtime to spend, but…

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Safaricom Home Fibre

Now is the best time to quit Zuku and grab the Safaricom lucrative offers for Safaricom Home Fibre

Complains against Zuku have been on the rise lately, forcing even some of the most Zuku adent fans to finally decide that enough is enough, Safaricom here we come. Safaricom…

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Airtel Africa PLC records growth in profits

Key Highlights from the Airtel Africa PLC Financial Report Customer base grew by 9.3% to 99.7 Mn Reported revenues increased to $ 795.9 Mn, up 6.9%, with constant currency growth…

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Safaricom Digifarm

Safaricom’s DIGIFARM to outgrow MPESA in five years

Safaricom’s (NSE: SCOM) has today announced that mobile agriculture platform DigiFarm is projected to outgrow M-PESA in the next five years. Launched in 2017 in partnership with iProcure, Arifu and Farmdrive,…

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BLAZE by Safaricom is now offering Lessons through BLAZE LINK

BLAZE by Safaricom launched a new platform dubbed BLAZE LINK, an aggregator of e-learning resources built to enable young people upgrade their skills through online courses and empower them to…

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Safaricom Eyes Masoko Expansion Beyond Kenya By 2020, Opens Up Innovations Platform For Fintechs

Safaricom (NSE: SCOM) has announced plans to expand its e-commerce proposition Masoko to other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa by year 2020. This is on the backdrop of an expected growth of Smartphones…

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South Sudan launches its First Mobile Money platform m-GURUSH

South Sudan is set to enjoy its first mobile phone-based money transfer service. Trading under the brand name m-GURUSH (m-for mobile and GURUSH for money in Arabic), the new mobile…

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How to make calls via Safaricom VoLTE Network

As promised, we tested the Safaricom VoLTE Network, and it is awesome. Without exaggeration, Safaricom VoLTE voice call sounds as if you are talking with the person in the same…

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Safaricom data prices

Don’t get it wrong, Safaricom data prices have not reduced!

A friend who knows that I do not use Safaricom Internet just called to tell me that I no longer have reasons to not use Safaricom Internet, as, according to…

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Safaricom Pushing VoLTE

Why Safaricom is pushing VoLTE over the traditional voice calls we are all used to

Recently Safaricom announced that it had launched Safaricom VoLTE, a service meant to allow subscribers to make calls, not through the traditional CDMA or GPRS/GSM or even 3G voice protocols,…

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Michael Joseph Makes A Come Back After Bob Collymore’s Passing

Following the passing on of the Safaricom’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Robert (Bob) William Collymore on 1 July 2019, the telecom giant has appointed an interim CEO. At a…

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Safaricom VoLTE

Safaricom VoLTE to offer crystal clear voice, and ability to call as you browse the Internet simultaneously

Safaricom (NSE: SCOM) has today launched voice and video calls over its 4G network, popularly known as Voicer over LTE (VoLTE) and Video over LTE (ViLTE). The services are immediately available…

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Sambaza, Please call me, or the new Safaricom Reverse Call service? What would you prefer?

I hate please call me texts, I prefer missed calls (flash). Worse than please call me is “Nisambizie credo”, especially when it comes from someone … (wacha tu). Now that…

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data expiry

Yes, all telcos must be forced to end data expiry thievery

The world over, telcos take advantage of consumers of Internet and data services to reap them dry by not allowing them to consume data bundles at their pace. An analogy…

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Safaricom Seeks Full Ownership Of M-Pesa’s Intellectual Property

As Safaricom looks to expand M-Pesa services to other countries within the African continent, efforts to acquire the intellectual property rights from Britain’s Vodafone have begun, Safaricom’s CEO, Bob Collymore…

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