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Kenya is a second hand (mitumba) economy. Kenyans live on second hand clothes, second hand cars, second hand computers (they call them Ex-UK) and second hand lives. When former President Moi allowed for the importation ..

4 years ago
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There are people who, no matter how hard they bark, are never taken seriously. Then there are those we would like to never take seriously no matter what they say, no matter how loud they yell. KRA belongs ..

4 years ago
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The  employment status of UoN Students has seriously been compromised by the latest events and rampages in and around town. The latest victim of destructions orchestrated by UoN students is Mo-Sound, ..

4 years ago
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Since I ventured into content production, I have never wished for a day when Kenyans will rise up and take up Kenyan local content en masse. Entertainment in the US, UK, India, Mexico, Philippines, Nigeria, ..

4 years ago
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OLX Shop feature goes live After not minding whether we list items we intend to sell anonymously or through our user accounts, online classifieds sites are now allowing users to set up their mini shops ..

5 years ago
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Getting a cab in Kenya is one thing, but being driven by a trustworthy driver is another issue. Most Kenyans always find it hard to get a driver with high ethical standards. However, Maramoja will probably ..

5 years ago
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