Facebook in Court over allegations that it broke privacy rules

Belgium’s privacy watchdog has filed a suit against the US tech giant in the main civil court in Brussels. Last month, the watchdog said that Facebook “flouts European and Belgian…

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Password Storing Company has been Hacked.

Nobody on earth is secured from hacking. Recently US Army website ( and US Government Agency were hacked. On Monday, LastPass a Password Storing Company announced that hackers broke into…

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The first Head Transplant proposed to take place in 2017

Sergio Canavero of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy says it’s possible to carry out a head transplant and the proposal was presented at the annual conference of the…

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Organ Chips to be used in Laboratory experiments instead of animals

The first organ chips are set to be introduced into the market. The chips will reduce the use of laboratory animal and speed up drug testing. In a recently opened…

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Tallest Wooden Skyscraper designed by Architects

Scientists are doing the unexpected when they surprise the common beings by the many innovations they undertake. Recently we shared a discovery where a scientist constructed a house using water and…

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Video Streaming to be Launched by Alibaba

Many film makers in the world face a great challenge when it comes to producing high budget movies and TV shows but never get return profit because of piracy. Nowadays…

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Phree is a pen that can make the best companion to Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Phree is a pen that can write on wood, the couch or your hand and the words will show on a screen. Gilad Lederer and two of his computer science…

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Fatal crush of Airbus A400M was caused by data wipe mistake

A military plane crash in Spain was probably caused by computer files being accidentally wiped from three of its engines, according to investigators. Plane-maker Airbus discovered anomalies in the A400M’s…

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Journalists are worried about the Apple’s News App

The Apple’s News App that was announced at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference has led to many reactions as journalists worry about the competition that will be created, The Times of India…

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Apple announced its latest software for iPhone and Mac in The Worldwide Developers Conference

The annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco kicked off with a high-production video skit staring Bill Hader, an elevator filled with fake Tim Cooks, giant Angry Birds, and Danny…

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US Army Website Hacked

Currently hacking cases in the US has been the headline on weekly news reports. The US army has temporarily taken down its website after a hacking attack. It says an…

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Human Brains will be made of computer chips by 2030s, predicts Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil, an engineer at Google has predicted that humans and computer will become hybrids by around 2030, the year Kenya plans to achieve all the pillars of vision 2030…

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US Government Agency Hacked

The US government has been hit by a massive data breach. The Chinese hackers are suspected of carrying out the data breach of the personal data of nearly four million…

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Owning a phone is not a right but a privilege, rules a US Judge

The International laws and The Kenyan Bill of Rights does not recognize the phone as a right hence any judge or a person with legal authority to amend a law…

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Computer Designs For Windows 10 Displayed At Computex 2015

Microsoft’s corporate VP Nick Parker has revealed the first run of devices built specifically for Windows 10, from partners such as Asus, Toshiba and even FoxConn. The product reveal came…

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A Russian Hacker Defeated In a Bargain Scam

A security software firm has warned about a new strain of “ransomware.” Ransomware is software which locks you out of your files until a fee is paid to the criminals…

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Mac Attack! Your Apple Computer Can Be Hacked

Apple Macs can be hacked and the hackers can not be detected in any way. Personal Macs, corporate and Governmental Macs can be spied on by a person who is…

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PoWiFi – What if you could charge your phone via WiFi?

Slightly over a year ago we heard of WiTricity, a wireless electricity technology that already enables people to connect to the power grid wirelessly. This is different from wireless charging…

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Enrique Iglesias hand sliced by a drone worsens

The 40-year-old singer sliced his fingers open when he tried to grab a drone camera, which was taking pictures of the audience at a concert on Saturday. Following reconstructive surgery…

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The text that crushes iPhones doing rounds

There is a malicious text that is doing rounds that will crush your iPhone. The message is a specific string of Arabic characters. The text is not a virus but…

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‘Lost and Found’ website to find Missing Children

Many countries normally have cases of missing children who are never found. The Indian government has launched a “Lost and Found” website to help families trace the tens of thousands…

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