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If you send many email messages, you must have sent an email to the wrong address. I once did send a private message meant only for my work colleague’s eyes but accidentally copied my two senior ..

6 years ago
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Coca-Cola showed off its new bottle at the Expo Milano food technology conference on Wednesday. The bottle is plastic but instead of using petroleum, the bottle’s plastic is derived from sugar cane. ..

6 years ago
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Nobody on earth is secured from hacking. Recently US Army website ( and US Government Agency were hacked. On Monday, LastPass a Password Storing Company announced that hackers broke into its computer ..

6 years ago
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Currently hacking cases in the US has been the headline on weekly news reports. The US army has temporarily taken down its website after a hacking attack. It says an element of the website was compromised ..

6 years ago
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The US government has been hit by a massive data breach. The Chinese hackers are suspected of carrying out the data breach of the personal data of nearly four million US government workers. The Office ..

6 years ago
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