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The V-22 Osprey made headlines after it landed in Kenyatta University. Students were excited but the media pretended to know more about the chopper hence many articles and photos covered the social networks ..

6 years ago
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Airlines around the globe are vulnerable to hackers. In May a hacker by the name Chris Roberts destabilized a flight from his seat. Ethical Hacking is rewarding because some hackers are employed by institutions ..

6 years ago
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Over the years researchers have worked on ways to improve machines that move on land and air. The airplane industry has done many advancement on safety, fuel efficiency and price. Some of the advancement ..

6 years ago
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Cybersecurity is one of the grey areas that the law enforcers have failed to implement around the world leading to many people misusing their right and freedom of expression. Many institutions and individuals ..

6 years ago
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Last month Facebook had a case in court over allegations of breaching privacy rules. Last week Samsung was taken to court in China over the software it loads in its phones. A Chinese consumer protection ..

6 years ago
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