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The internet is increasingly creating a way of life for many people. Websites and mobile apps are developed everyday and companies are taking advantage of them. Drug barons are also using websites to carryout ..

5 years ago
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Cybercrime is growing very fast and states are coming up with ways to curb the growing ill activities. Developed and developing countries have reported cyber related crimes that caused massive destruction ..

5 years ago
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Google maps, Instagram and Snapchat are some of the Apps I never use on my phone. These Apps always slash my bundles to zero within minutes. But Google maps always come in handy when you are stranded ..

5 years ago
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Are you using Uber? It’s the most convenient and smart way to get a taxi. However, nothing good comes without demerits and challenges. In Kenya, a number of people had different opinions about their ..

5 years ago
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The V-22 Osprey made headlines after it landed in Kenyatta University. Students were excited but the media pretended to know more about the chopper hence many articles and photos covered the social networks ..

5 years ago
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