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Key Highlights from the Airtel Africa PLC Financial Report Customer base grew by 9.3% to 99.7 Mn Reported revenues increased to $ 795.9 Mn, up 6.9%, with constant currency growth of 10.2%. This was the 6th consecutive ..

3 months ago
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With so many eyes on the raging feud between Huawei and America, many people are really following it for the spice in it. However, with so much criticism on the president of USA it is worth finding out what ..

3 months ago
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Uhuru Gardens Primary School

You know you have elected a useless government when they can’t bend to listen to simple reasoning. In 2013, Uhuru Kenyatta and his counterpart William Ruto, dubbing themselves the digital duo, went ..

3 months ago
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Rollable smartphone

For some reason, phone manufacturers think that we need to have foldable smartphones. Yes it is true, people generally need big screens for watching videos, reading articles online or playing games. It is also ..

3 months ago
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