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Domain names are used in URL to identify particular Web Pages. Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain it belongs to. Acquiring a domain is therefore an important part of establishing ..

11 years ago
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They always say smart investors buy low and sell high. If you take this as the unwritten law of stocks investment then ideally Kenyans should be flocking stocks market with buy orders. Truth be told a number ..

11 years ago
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By Maina Gachanja Dry forests are prone to wildfires mostly in the drought season. Evergreen forests too face the risk of fire but in this case man made ones. Especially when a foregetful cigarrette smoker ..

11 years ago
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Over the years i realized how important the image is in everything we do. So the last few days i have been looking at my blog critically and thought it would be wise to give it a face lift. When come to people ..

11 years ago
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The new buzz word in the search engine world is the WolframAlpha, and as many before it, it is threatening to pass a death sentence to the mighty Google. They call it knowledge search engine with high ..

11 years ago
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What is the role a company website? My understanding is that the site should be able to inform the world on what the company all about, what is going on, what is the current situation and the state of affairs. ..

12 years ago
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My motto throughout this year is going to be Test Fast, Fail Fast and Adjust Fast. Well that is a quote I got from somebody and by the time I was writing this I could not remember who. Now the failure ..

12 years ago
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It is a wonderful time, it is a golden age in communication, and the world has become a global house. The government may love a lot to control the media but the future belongs to social media. The traditional ..

12 years ago
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