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So tomorrow 12th Friday 2010 there will be 1%EVENT Nairobi hosted by @ToneeNdungu. Why only 1% percent? At first it looks odd to me that we only think of one percent instead of the whole 100%.? Then it hits ..

11 years ago
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By James Oluoch The day you make your payslip redundant is the day you shall have achieved true wealth. The almighty payslip is so powerful that loosing it gives many of us sleepless nights. It determines ..

11 years ago
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Google love being on the news and they love dominating the internet. Despite that ?there is one area which they have lagged behind, social network. Google buzz is a brilliant idea which might be a big hit with ..

11 years ago
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Mobile Web in Africa is going to be the focus of many in the year 2010 and to start off ?Kenya ICT Board will host Mobile Web East Africa Conference ?on 3rd and 4th February 2010. The conference organized ..

11 years ago
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The day Google announced that they will give Google Wave invites to a few selected users, the heads of many went spinning.? Obviously, by all account it kind of feels good to be among the chosen few by the mighty ..

11 years ago
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Twitter is testing a new feature called Lists, and it seems they are using the Google method of just having a few people receiving the feature.? I was not lucky with #Googlewave and i am still looking ..

11 years ago
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It is Linux Vs Windows debate all over again and having used both i love to be in the middle of it.? If the talk is about servers or embedded systems, then Linux almost take it all but when come to desktop ..

11 years ago
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For those who have been asking whether they can install Windows 7 on their PCs or laptops here are the system requirements for Windows 7 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor ..

11 years ago
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A man has been sentenced to hang in Kenya for stealing ksh.200 and a mobile. ?According to Capitalfm ?Nyahururu Senior Resident Magistrate Timothy Kariuki said the mob that arrested Francis Njuguna, caught ..

11 years ago
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The recent announcement by Zain that it would be charging its customer Ksh.10 to send money in all networks is proof on how competitive money transfer business has become in Kenya. The mobile money transfer ..

11 years ago
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Today Uganda will? launch a scheme to allow gorilla lovers to become friends with them on Facebook. Through the cameras placed on the forest in the extreme south-west of the country, people will be able ..

11 years ago
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I have been completely wasted by Gmail.  It seems i can’t send emails,  I can’t receive emails. Is there anybody else out there, experiencing the same thing? gmail The above  ..

11 years ago
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