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Since Mark Zuckerberg decided to pay Shs 1.6 trillion for WhatsApp, the equivalent of Kenya’s annual budget and about 50% of our GDP, I thought it wise to also be on WhatsApp. Before, I used to be a “call-me ..

7 years ago
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Last week Facebook expressed intentions to buy WhatsApp for a total of 19 billion dollars (Kshs 1.6 trillion) and two days later, WhatsApp went down for over 3 hours. During the outage, WhatsApp users ..

7 years ago
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Google Glass is yet to go commercial but it is already receiving a lot of love from App developers. A London based wearable tech hackathon has developed Sex With Glass application meant for partners ..

7 years ago
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Tusker Project Fame is gone and so everybody seem to have stopped using Tusker.Mobi. For some reason Tusker lovers did not realize that Tusker.Mobi can also be used to predict Tusker Premier League scores. ..

7 years ago
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NationHela is one of easiest platforms for remitting money to Kenya. Now that I think of it I should have had my card as soon as yesterday. A colleague from Nigeria has been forced to use Swift transfer ..

7 years ago
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Are you a fresh graduate, someone planning to quit the current job or just recently fired? Are you one of those who have sent hundreds to thousands of applications to as many potential employers but no feedback? ..

7 years ago
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Google finally availed the Android KitKat that they have been teasing around for some time now. The exciting thing about KitKat, even before we look at the tweaks that have been brought to the new OS, is that ..

7 years ago
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Registration for the upcoming VODAFONE APPSTAR CHALLENGE TO BE HELD IN KENYA is ongoing. App developers for mobile phones that want to participate in this year’s challenge are required to register ..

7 years ago
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Akirachix, the all young women and girls tech networking platform will be hosting Girls in ICT day event  this month, on 27th April 2013. From AkiraChix Website: AkiraChix will be hosting a Girls in ICT day event, ..

8 years ago
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