Huawei EMUI10

The interesting capabilities of the newly launched Huawei EMUI10 User Interface

On August 9th Huawei held its developer conference in Dongguan China where EMUI10, Huwawei’s improved user interface, was launched. During the launch, Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of the Software Engineering…

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Harmony OS

Huawei’s bold move to ditch Android with Harmony OS

When Trump banned Huawei from US, several US companies including Google were forced to end engagement with the Chinese giant. Google terminating engagement with Huawei meant that Huawei would not…

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mpesa features

The two new MPESA features everyone loves

There is something I asked Safaricom to do in this article, but they didn’t listen. The suggestion was that instead of charging customers to send money via MPESA, the recipient…

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MySafaricom App

Make your life easier with mySafaricom App – Part 1

When I started blogging in 2013, one of the first articles I wrote was M-Pesa should stop being dumb and go smart in which I argued that it was time…

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SAGE Cloud Payroll Solution

Top 5 reasons why an organization should migrate their payroll to SAGE Cloud Payroll Solution

Early this year the world renowned provider of accounting and human resource solutions, SAGE, launched a cloud based payroll system for African markets. Having tested the platform in South Africa…

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The New CasinoFair App: A Review

The suburbanized blockchain casino platform provider, FunFair Technologies has now launched the FunPass and has also the CasinoFair. According to Jez San, the founder of FunFair, CasinoFair is now available…

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mKey reward system

Climbing up the ladder of mKey reward system

Which App do you use most? I bet it’s WhatsApp. If not, then Facebook. LinkedIn? I don’t think so. Your favorite App, if not WhatsApp or Facebook, could either be…

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mKey App

App Review: The mKey App and Keyboard

For the video review of the mKey App, check the YouTube video below. Earlier last week we introduced you to the mKey App and Keyboard, and told you how through…

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DStv Now

Multichoice gives DStv subscribers a decoder free option with DStv Now App

For those of you who are subscribed to DStv, you know how you sometimes miss your favourite shows simply because you cannot carry your decoder with you to anywhere outside…

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XOS Launcher

Infinix has screwed up the XOS Launcher big time with malicious and scrupulous business practices

XOS is the Infinix’s User Interface and Launcher that powers up Infinix devices running on Android OS. Although Android has its own stock UI (Launcher), device manufacturers normally prefer to…

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mySafaricom App

I am surprised you haven’t downloaded mySafaricom App yet

One million. That’s the number of times mySafaricom App has been downloaded from Google Play Store. The number of subscribers who have downloaded the App could be way less, as…

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Device review: Samsung launches New Galaxy S9 and S9+

Made for an age in which consumers increasingly communicate and express themselves more with images, videos and emojis, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ drive innovation with Samsung’s advanced camera. Redesigned…

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Livia App

Why everyone is talking about Livia App – #LiviaAppKE

If you missed it, then head over to Twitter and search for the hashtag #LiviaAppKE. If you didn’t miss it, then you must have noticed that the Twitter hashtag #LivaAppKE…

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Top 10 Best Android Games for 2017

With the release of Vulcan API and Android Nougat, there seems to be no limit on what Android games cannot deliver. With their PC grade hardware, ever improving processors, crisper…

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MySafaricom App upgrade that @SafaricomLtd should follow up on to simplify airtime top up

The single most important function of technology is to make life easier. In the world of Safaricom, MySafaricom App is meant to achieve this objective. So far it has done…

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Kenyan shopkeepers to receive free Tanda One smartphones

One thing is true, we do not pay directly to watch TV, unless it is PayTV. Advertisers pay for us. We pay back by buying their products. The TV ad…

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Don’t install those useless Android Antiviruses, Google Play Protect got you covered

Google Play Protect is here to kill those useless Android antivirus apps. Depending on the Apps that you use or the websites that you visit, you must have seen certain ads…

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Overview App – Yet another MPESA and other mobile money services App

Ever since MPESA and mobile money services became so successful in Kenya, hundreds of Apps have been launched to improve users’ experience when using the mobile money platforms. The latest…

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Google Copyless Paste – Has Google acquired mind reading abilities?

Here comes Google Copyless Paste. Imagine a life in paradise – a life where, like God, Google knows exactly what you are thinking. Where she knows the exact phrase from…

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Sage takes Payroll solutions to the cloud with the launch of Sage One Payroll in Kenya

Sage, the market and technology leader in integrated accounting, payroll & HR and payment systems has once again taken the lead by introducing the cloud based Sage One Payroll system globally,…

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Convert those pdf files and images into texts using a trusted OCR Software

There was a time that the only way to convert texts in pdf or images into editable versions, e.g. in Word document was to re-type them, and that’s why before…

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Skype Update

Skype Update: Microsoft is disabling Skype for users running older versions of the app

Microsoft is disabling Skype for users running older versions of the app on their Windows OS and Mac OS machines. Come 1st March, 2017, users on the older versions will no longer be…

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Twitter Explore Tab

Twitter to focus on live videos with a new Explore tab

Twitter has grown a reputation for itself for been the go to place to find the latest stories making round. The kind of information you will find in your timeline…

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Instagram Live Videos

Instagram rolls out Live Video broadcast feature globally

Instagram launched Live Videos to its app’s Stories feature back in December 2016. At launch the feature was exclusive to individuals residing in US. Approximately a month later, the Facebook…

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Netfilx Offline

Netflix Offline: Android users can now download Netflix TV shows and movies to a microSD card

Netflix users who use Android devices to access the service have something to smile about. Netflix has realised that downloading video titles for offline viewing is not just enough. Android…

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Windows defender security centre

Microsoft to revamp the Windows Defender Security Center in the upcoming Creators Update

Microsoft will be releasing its third major update to Windows 10 come April 2017. The update will be referred to as the Creators Update. With this update expect to see…

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App Review: Smoke weed and connect with High There!

Times have changed and individuals no longer have time to go on coffee dates to choose “the one” Dating apps of all kinds have emerged with specifications elaborate to accommodate…

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Parents at loss as Microsoft discontinues kid’s corner, New updates for Windows 10

Microsoft has done away with Apps corner from Windows 10 as part of the creators upgrade.  The feature released in 2012 for windows 8. It was meant for parents to…

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VLC media player

How to compress your video files using VLC media player

The presence of video streaming services such as Netflix, ShowMax and Amazon Prime Video simply spells the need for mobility in entertainment needs. Why run home to enjoy your favourite…

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Opera Neon

Opera Neon is a new concept web browser that is here to disrupt the web browser market

Opera is ready to pioneer the next phase of what web browsers will be in the not so distant future. To achieve this, Opera has announced a new concept web…

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