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Do You Believe in the East African Community? Two hypothetical situations stand at your scrutiny, using well-known international treaty situations; it will help you consider the Kenyan Question and the dynamics ..

6 years ago
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Filling Caesar’s Treasure Chest: “You can’t tax business. Business doesn’t pay taxes. It collects taxes,” or so said Ronald Reagan, once US President. Interesting statement, especially when you are of the supposition ..

6 years ago
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The African story is a story of many stories, all emboldened by the lives of the more than a billion souls stumping the African dust because there is a danger in telling a single story. The African story ..

6 years ago
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The Private Sector as well as the Kenyan Government have combined powers together and developed a program to build ICT capacity in the public sector as well as improve upon efficiency and service delivery. ..

6 years ago
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During the Gartner Symposium of 2014 held in Cape Town highlighted key technology trends, but something that stood out was the top ten tech trends in the coming year. It was David Cearely who made the rendition ..

6 years ago
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Online Africa is growing at a very high rate. The number of internet users on the African continent grew at seven times the global average, hitting a 3,600% growth between 2000 and 2012, to a totality ..

6 years ago
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