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Apple didn’t invent mobile payments, but to be honest, it has significantly enhanced them. Since Apple made it far easier to use a computer, listen to music, and communicate on the fly-by, Apple Pay is all about ..

6 years ago
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For your Friday dose of a tech idea, we will be looking at highly advanced photosynthesis; we are pretty much hacking into every biological process there is, why not insert ourselves into the process of manufacturing ..

6 years ago
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I fancy myself somewhat of a Techno-Philosopher, precisely with a special inclination towards the potential of contemporary technology to take us beyond ourselves, that is our Biology, our Physics, Chemistry ..

6 years ago
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Digital Darwinism in Accountancy: Thriving in the Face of Technological Shifts It’s a numbers game; I fancy numbers to no end. Numbers make the world go round as much as love does. We have no doubt how Accountancy ..

6 years ago
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Computer Functionality: “Portrait of a Product.” Download the Core Temp version 64-Bit v1.0 RC 5 for maximum efficiency of your CPU. It helps you in monitoring the critical temperature of your CPU for excellent ..

6 years ago
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On A Philosophy of Education It is the whole Einstenian proposition that if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then that very fish will leave the rest of its life thinking that it is an imbecile, ..

6 years ago
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