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Apple that is both loved and hated, well, not in equal measure, has topped the list of the most valuable brand worldwide. The fact is, Apple haters just loathe the company for its strategies and success ..

7 years ago
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Registration for the upcoming VODAFONE APPSTAR CHALLENGE TO BE HELD IN KENYA is ongoing. App developers for mobile phones that want to participate in this year’s challenge are required to register ..

7 years ago
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On Friday 27th September The Standard carried a story on the Judiciary. According to The Standard, the Chief Justice is the Commander in Chief of a four member group codenamed ‘War Council’ ..

7 years ago
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BlackBerry a one time giant in mobiles phones for corporate and chief executives is technically dead in not so many years. One wonders how the Canadian company that was synonymous with emails on mobile ..

7 years ago
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(For a related post please read: Westgate attack; Kenya must up technology adoption). We have discussed the Westgate Attack in relation to the need of Kenya’s security agencies upping the adoption ..

7 years ago
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Apple is reaping hundreds of dollars from sales of its latest top range iPhones. If the data from AllThingsD is anything to go by, then Apple has set a profit margin of about 64% ($350) per iPhone 5C and 66% per iPhone ..

7 years ago
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BlackBerry has tentatively accepted to be bought off by a consortium led by Canadian insurance company FairFax Financial for $4.7 billion. According to the tentative agreement, FairFax Financial will buy off the pioneer ..

7 years ago
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Geoffrey Morrison advises in Forbes that if you want to buy a TV then you should consider: 1. Size, 2. Room, 3. Fancy Features and lastly 4. Price. On size he recommends that if you think of a particular ..

7 years ago
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Biometrics has become a hot topic thanks to iPhone 5S’ Touch ID feature. The topic has seen propositions of heartbeat unlock technologies, touch based unlocking options in Silent-Sense, and of course ..

7 years ago
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iPhone 5S has been taunted as the most secure phone as it comes with Touch ID, a feature that allows you to unlock the phone using your fingerprints. Touch ID should in fact win a Nobel Prize as it is a culmination ..

7 years ago
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Motion Camera initially designed to photograph rare animals in Kenya has been found to be able to photograph poachers in the act. The Cameras take pictures when the motion sensors embedded in them detect ..

7 years ago
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If the lines witnessed today are anything to go by, then iSheep is not a far fetched description of Apple followers. It is the seventh time Apple fanatics are lining for more than twenty four weeks hours ..

7 years ago
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In addition to security flaws we have reported about iOS7 not being secure after all, Jose Rodriguez, a 36-year-old soldier living in Spain’s Canary Islands, has shared with Forbes about an iOS7 security ..

7 years ago
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Before you rush to buy the new iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C or upgrade your current iPhone’s OS to iOS7, be warned; Siri and Control Center in iOS7 allows a thief to easily disable Find My iPhone or iPad ..

7 years ago
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Technology Review reported that about 11% of online information is lost within a year with the figure rising to 27% within two years. The report got people worried of important historical information lost ..

7 years ago
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