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In addition to security flaws we have reported about iOS7 not being secure after all, Jose Rodriguez, a 36-year-old soldier living in Spain’s Canary Islands, has shared with Forbes about an iOS7 security ..

7 years ago
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Before you rush to buy the new iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C or upgrade your current iPhone’s OS to iOS7, be warned; Siri and Control Center in iOS7 allows a thief to easily disable Find My iPhone or iPad ..

7 years ago
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Technology Review reported that about 11% of online information is lost within a year with the figure rising to 27% within two years. The report got people worried of important historical information lost ..

7 years ago
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Yahoo 3D search. Yahoo Japan has created a search engine that links to 3D printers. What this means is that someone can physically touch what they have searched for. The search engine scrolls the web for information ..

7 years ago
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Finalists of Safaricom App Wiz challenge, Thirst Interactive, are set to launch an app dubbed Tichaa meant for teaching kids aged 3-7 years  Swahili Language in a fun and engaging way using picture puzzles. ..

7 years ago
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On 31st August 2013 Airtel made a very silent announcement that they are to increase their products prices by 11%. The increase will see Airtel become the most expensive service provider overtaking Safaricom ..

7 years ago
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Bob Collymore wants roaming tariffs within East Africa lowered. The call for EA community to speed up the talk on lowering calling rates within the region is a good move, although the same Safaricom has been ..

7 years ago
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There is a new feature phone from Nokia to be available in stores  later this year probably from October at an affordable price of $29 in the US. We could expect it to be available at Kshs 2500 to Kshs ..

7 years ago
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Co-founder of Microsoft and former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has topped the Forbes’ list of richest 400 people in America. He is ranked #1 with a net worth of 72 billion dollars. Here is the list.

7 years ago
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You constantly update your Facebook status, share much more about yourself, you have a complete profile information, and you are not that bothered about what others post on your wall? Then your self-esteem ..

7 years ago
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For step by step guide on how to use click here. This article is about highlighting the for TPF6; Tusker’s interaction platform for Tusker Project Fame’s fans. I also ..

7 years ago
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If you are on Airtel then better tell your last lies about your location. In partnership with Gecko Landmarks Ltd, Airtel customers will now be able to send “find 073*******” to 30100 in order ..

7 years ago
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Afrinolly is again giving African film makers a chance to win $25,000. Last year Afrinolly gave away $100,000 in prizes to short film producers through the Afrinolly’s Short Film competition. Following ..

7 years ago
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There is a phone that could be coming your way; a phone that promises to be with you forever. A phone that will never need replacement, only upgrades. It also promises to save the environment by reducing ..

7 years ago
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If there is an App that everyone with a smartphone should have, it is the Ma3Route. The App that is meant to provide users with traffic updates, give directions to places and enable you to report rogue ..

7 years ago
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Is Samsung at it again? We are all familiar with Samsung dissing Apple whenever Apple launches its flagship devices. When iPhone 4S was announced Samsung dissed the phone for not having a big screen, ..

7 years ago
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Is iPhone 5S the best phone this year? Here we compare the specs of the latest top notch Apple’s phone versus other brands that have made headlines in 2013. 1. Pricing If the contract pricing in the US is anything ..

7 years ago
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You will soon enjoy ATM services whether in major towns or traveling to your rural home thanks to SatADSL that unveiled satellite solutions for supporting the deployment of nation-wide cash machines networks ..

7 years ago
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