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Google Trader is another testimony that online classifieds is not a game for the weak hearted. It seems they can no longer take the heat and effective from November 11th 2013, they will not allow posting ..

7 years ago
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Have you ever wondered what else you could do with your smartphone? Here is something interesting you can do with that expensive gadget, you can use it as a microscope, too. Some really curious guys have ..

7 years ago
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Vurumisha Mamili na Airtel for a chance to win shs 5 million in grand prize. Starting today Airtel customers stand a chance to win Kshs. 1 million, four motorbikes, daily cash prizes ranging from shs. ..

7 years ago
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In a world where anything that has views means $$$, everyone really stands a chance to make money by creating a video that can go viral. Did you watch that resignation video that received over 12 million ..

7 years ago
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You guessed it right, Safaricom tops of the list of top tax payers for the sixth consecutive time. EABL retains number two from last year. In 2012/2013 tax awards, top tax payers are: Safaricom Limited ..

7 years ago
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Remember the article we ran here on Has Safaricom fallen out with the Government? Well, the war has not died but rather it is brewing into something else. On Saturday the East African ran an article on Safaricom, ..

7 years ago
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It is either that Lipa na M-PESA ad is off the mark or Lipa na M-PESA itself is off the mark. Me thinks it’s both. The ad shows a guy (hawker), selling his goods under a tree. He has tens of customers ..

7 years ago
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Women in Science have complained about Wikipedia. There bone of contention? 1. Wikipedia has recruited less than 20% women editors 2. There are hardly any Wikipedia pages about women scientists I want ..

7 years ago
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Summary Bebapay has a potential of eliminating traffic offences and corruption between matatus and traffic police Bebapay should be aggressively marketed Bebapay should be made mandatory for all passengers ..

7 years ago
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I have a feeling Twitter DM is hard to use, or rather manage. Deleting a long conversation, if you have to, will take you hours so when I read that Twitter is planning a raft of changes on its DM I thought ..

7 years ago
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For some reason the government wants the telecommunication companies to open separate companies that will operate their mobile cash business units. If the plans contained in the new National Payment System ..

7 years ago
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Since Bitange Ndemo was replaced as the PS in charge of ICT a number of things have gone wrong in Kenya’s ICT sector. These include lack of general progress in rolling out the master plan that was put in place ..

7 years ago
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Since the launch of M-PESA banks have incorporated various products that utilize the M-PESA platform in order to avoid possible competition from the Safaricom’s product. To avoid the competion they ..

7 years ago
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Square Cash is a product by Square was launched yesterday to allow anyone to send money via email. To send Money to let’s say John, all you have to do is to go to your email compose, compose an email ..

7 years ago
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I will assume that you have heard of 1. DIPEK, 2. Multilevel Marketing (MLM), 3. Pyramid Schemes and 4. Ponzi Schemes. In this article we attempt to explain DIPEK and its relationship with MLM and Pyramid ..

7 years ago
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Paraphrased; “Now, imagine a world where tech devices know our bodies. A world where devices start by recognizing your thumb or your voice; then they learn to recognize your friends’ voices, recognize ..

7 years ago
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Tusker Project Fame is here again in TPF6. In East Africa, this is the most loved reality/talent TV show since its debut in 2006. Given it’s similarity to South Africa’s Star Academy and the link ..

7 years ago
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Just recently we had a debate here at whether the county governments should support local SMEs or they should opt for the multinationals. This debate was inspired by the report on The Standard ..

7 years ago
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If you ever wanted a good reason to quit Facebook then you now have it. Facebook is concerned that your ability to disable people from using search engines to find you on Facebook is bad for business. ..

7 years ago
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Since Twitter announced that they had the intention of going public, they have introduced a number of features aimed at increasing user engagement in the platform. They started by introducing the @MagicRecs ..

7 years ago
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