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Not so long ago we gave you candid reasons to quit Facebook on this blog post. After Facebook removed your ability to hide yourself to potential stalkers, has allowed others to search your long forgotten ..

7 years ago
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We are now familiar with smartwatches thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear that came with Galaxy Note III. I’ve not tried to use the Galaxy Gear but from the reviews I have read so far, well, it isn’t ..

7 years ago
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Social media is great. It has connected millions of people  around the world and provided the link an ordinary person can use to get hooked up to important persons, receive information instantly on things ..

7 years ago
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There was this name matching task we used to do in primary and high school to know if my secret admirer was compatible with me. I can’t remember the exact formula but it went something like this: ..

7 years ago
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In this article you will learn: Basics of digital broadcasts Need to buy converter boxes even if already on Pay TV and Pros of Digital Broadcast over Analogue Broadcast Digital Migration Unless some major ..

7 years ago
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In the 2002 movie Minority Report we are treated to a the then future technology where Tom Cruise is able to control a virtual panel in front of him. The fictitious panel has been brought closer to reality ..

7 years ago
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No, there shouldn’t be reasons to be skeptical of e-commerce, but sadly reasons abound and we need to point them out whenever we spot any. This article addresses a first world problem but countries ..

7 years ago
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Why don’t we, those already with smartphones, use skype to make calls and send messages?  You could save up to 92% on mobile communications. We calculate as follows: If you are on the majority network ..

7 years ago
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In the last few years Kenya and other countries have been faced with ATM fraudsters who, whatever method they use, steal the ATM card numbers and the corresponding PINs. The methods used vary from outright ..

7 years ago
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If there is one thing that computer engineers want to achieve, is to make computers work as an ordinary human brain. Such a computer would truly be artificially intelligent (forget the current hyped artificial ..

7 years ago
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Institute of Customer Service (ICS) in partnership with Interactive Concepts hosted a presentation by Japie Swanepoel on Harnessing Social Meiea for Service Delivery. The entire presentation can be found ..

7 years ago
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Did you learn anything from our article on how to turn your smartphone into a microscope? If not then follow this link to get the instructions. After making a well performing microscope maybe it is time ..

7 years ago
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At the launch of M-Benki we ran an article comparing M-Benki with M-Shwari and also touched a bit on M-Kesho. Since M-Benki is the newest in the market, we have now compiled all the information on B-Benki ..

7 years ago
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Google Trader is another testimony that online classifieds is not a game for the weak hearted. It seems they can no longer take the heat and effective from November 11th 2013, they will not allow posting ..

7 years ago
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Have you ever wondered what else you could do with your smartphone? Here is something interesting you can do with that expensive gadget, you can use it as a microscope, too. Some really curious guys have ..

7 years ago
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Vurumisha Mamili na Airtel for a chance to win shs 5 million in grand prize. Starting today Airtel customers stand a chance to win Kshs. 1 million, four motorbikes, daily cash prizes ranging from shs. ..

7 years ago
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In a world where anything that has views means $$$, everyone really stands a chance to make money by creating a video that can go viral. Did you watch that resignation video that received over 12 million ..

7 years ago
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You guessed it right, Safaricom tops of the list of top tax payers for the sixth consecutive time. EABL retains number two from last year. In 2012/2013 tax awards, top tax payers are: Safaricom Limited ..

7 years ago
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Remember the article we ran here on Has Safaricom fallen out with the Government? Well, the war has not died but rather it is brewing into something else. On Saturday the East African ran an article on Safaricom, ..

7 years ago
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It is either that Lipa na M-PESA ad is off the mark or Lipa na M-PESA itself is off the mark. Me thinks it’s both. The ad shows a guy (hawker), selling his goods under a tree. He has tens of customers ..

7 years ago
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Women in Science have complained about Wikipedia. There bone of contention? 1. Wikipedia has recruited less than 20% women editors 2. There are hardly any Wikipedia pages about women scientists I want ..

7 years ago
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Summary Bebapay has a potential of eliminating traffic offences and corruption between matatus and traffic police Bebapay should be aggressively marketed Bebapay should be made mandatory for all passengers ..

7 years ago
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