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Telkom Kenya

By the end of last month an internal memo by Telkom Kenya indicating that the struggling telecommunication company intends to fire 575 employees was shared with us. Later Telkom Kenya sent a Press Release ..

2 months ago
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

For the first time in the history of Samsung Galaxy Note Series, Samsung unveiled two versions of the Note Series – Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a new line ..

2 months ago
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religion is the source of corruption

An abstract appearing at Taylor & Francis Online on the topic of relationship between religion and corruption reads, “There is a growing interest in understanding how religion affects corruption. ..

2 months ago
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can facebook read our thoughts

I can’t remember when, but once upon a time my good friend Fredrick Ombako asked on his Facebook timeline if Facebook is capable of reading our thoughts. This he asked because on that day he had thought ..

2 months ago
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Key Highlights from the Airtel Africa PLC Financial Report Customer base grew by 9.3% to 99.7 Mn Reported revenues increased to $ 795.9 Mn, up 6.9%, with constant currency growth of 10.2%. This was the 6th consecutive ..

3 months ago
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Uhuru Gardens Primary School

You know you have elected a useless government when they can’t bend to listen to simple reasoning. In 2013, Uhuru Kenyatta and his counterpart William Ruto, dubbing themselves the digital duo, went ..

3 months ago
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