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Muthoni is a Brand Strategist and Director at Deviate, a company that works with over 15 of the region's most forward thinking brands. She is passionate about growing SME's, Internet Technology and mentoring young women. She also owns and writes for Tamu Tamu and Bridal Kenya and is an active blogger on a wide range of topics such as business, food and technology and has written for CIO Kenya, Yummy News, Affrinovator and Kachwanya. Before starting her own company she was a Production Coordinator and TV Host for the NTV show Urban Hype, an Account Executive at Habari, and a Brand Strategist at Creative Edge.

A big thank you as always to Kachwanya who allows me to re-post and post content on his brand. As a follow up to the last article I posted here that covered my thoughts on #TwitterBigStick, I felt not reposting ..

9 years ago
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I’m sorry, forgive me, but I will not go into the details of what cloud is, or Safaricom’s offerings,that you can Google. What I can say is that it’s awesome! To illustrate my point I will ..

10 years ago
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I’m a creature of habit, I’ve had the same line for 11 years and I have never used any other mobile service provider. To be honest I blame myself for being constantly dissatisfied with the options ..

10 years ago
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Nokia recently launched a new B2B Care Centre. The company states that a great perk of the care centre is that it enables business partners to drop off their phones for service, and in a shorter period ..

10 years ago
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Taking their interaction with bloggers and their online marketing further I received an email recently from a British American representative. It outlined that the Capital Markets Authority (“CMA”) ..

10 years ago
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[youtube]71AaRS5WLrA[/youtube] We interviewed John Karanja of Whive and here is what he had to say about Whive and its significance to Kenyan mobile marketing. You have 5 Social Media Applications that ..

10 years ago
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Pivot 25 is the first East African Mobile Developer Challenge. The competition is backed by government and private stakeholders in the industry and is an initiative of mLab. The prize money at stake is worth ..

10 years ago
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When people think of success they look at it mainly from a monetary point of view. While I believe that there is nothing wrong with this, I do feel that success is a holistic state of living. One in which ..

11 years ago
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For a lot of people starting out in the IT world, their brilliant ideas can sometimes be short lived due to the lack of a crucial and well documented set of skills. Namely? Well negotiation and Rules of Engagement ..

11 years ago
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There has been a huge influx of interest around the ‘new’ kid on the block Quora of late. Founded by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, the company looks to “continually improving ..

11 years ago
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