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They came to this world, they lived and then they die of hunger. For the Kenyans facing starvation, to survive you have to be fitter than the fittest man on earth(is that Usain Bolt).? The government of Kenya ..

11 years ago
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By Idd Salim Shamelessly copy-pasted from Wikipedia, “a honeypot is a trap set to detect, deflect, or in some manner counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. Generally it consists ..

11 years ago
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1. Chris Kirubi There is no other entrepreneur in Kenya who I know who understands the power of social media than DJ CK.? He has made Capital FM website one of the most authoritative ..

11 years ago
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E-learning is a welcome gesture. It seems the government is finally thinking in the right direction. In the recent times computers have overtaken all other things used in work to become number one most ..

11 years ago
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Domain names are used in URL to identify particular Web Pages. Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain it belongs to. Acquiring a domain is therefore an important part of establishing ..

12 years ago
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By Maina Gachanja Dry forests are prone to wildfires mostly in the drought season. Evergreen forests too face the risk of fire but in this case man made ones. Especially when a foregetful cigarrette smoker ..

12 years ago
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The new buzz word in the search engine world is the WolframAlpha, and as many before it, it is threatening to pass a death sentence to the mighty Google. They call it knowledge search engine with high ..

12 years ago
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