NCBA Partner Engagements on World Environment Day: A Commitment to Conservation

NCBA marked World Environment Day 2024 with a profound gesture aimed at fostering environmental sustainability and community engagement. This year’s initiative saw NCBA distribute  12,300 tree seedlings to various esteemed partners across Kenya. The efforts were part of NCBA’s ambitious goal to plant 10 million trees by 2030, underscoring their commitment to environmental stewardship and community welfare.

The Activities

The day was packed with impactful activities that spanned tree planting sessions, mentorship programs, and generous donations to educational institutions and community organizations. NCBA partnered closely with notable entities such as JA Kenya, WJ Mudolo Foundation, Calm Bee Creations, and Kenswed Technical & Vocational Training College. Each partner played a crucial role in spreading awareness and engaging communities in sustainable environmental practices.

Partner Highlights

JA Kenya: NCBA contributed 400 tree seedlings through partner Junior Achievement Kenya to State House Girls (250) and Dagoretti High School (150), reinforcing the organization’s dedication to empowering young minds through education and environmental conservation.

World Environment Day

WJ Mudolo Foundation: Recognizing the foundation’s efforts in community development, NCBA donated 2,500 tree seedlings to support their initiatives, furthering their impact on sustainable practices. The trees were planted in Citam Children Centre Kiserian.

Calm Bee Creations: With a focus on creativity and environmental consciousness, NCBA donated a substantial 3,000 tree seedlings to Calm Bee Creations, bolstering their commitment to integrating eco-friendly practices into their craft. They carried out a tree planting initiative in Kahawa Wendani in partnership with Hon.Kingar’a the area M.P of Ruiru through his foundation Kingar’a foundation and also Small Axe Environmental CBO.

Kenswed Technical & Vocational Training College: NCBA donated 1000 tree seedlings through their customer Kenswed Technical & Vocational Training College. The trees were planted at Ng’ong’ forest to commemorate World Environment Day and drive NCBA’s Change the Story Commitment to grow 10 million trees by 2030.

Growing Together, Sustaining Tomorrow

The World Environment Day activities served as a beacon of NCBA’s vision to create a sustainable future. By planting these seedlings, NCBA not only contributed to carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation but also inspired local communities to take an active role in preserving their natural surroundings. The mentorship sessions provided a platform for sharing knowledge on sustainable practices, empowering youth to become advocates for environmental stewardship in their communities.

Impact and Beyond

The impact of NCBA’s initiatives on World Environment Day extends far beyond the immediate tree plantings. It marks a pivotal step towards achieving their ambitious goal of 10 million trees by 2030, illustrating their dedication to making a tangible difference in environmental conservation. The partnerships forged with organizations and educational institutions underscore NCBA’s holistic approach to sustainability, integrating environmental initiatives into the fabric of community development.

Looking at the NCBA’s Partner Engagements on World Environment Day closely, one thing is clear: the power of collaboration and commitment can drive meaningful change. Through their actions, NCBA has not only planted seeds of trees but also seeds of hope and empowerment within communities. Moving forward, their efforts will continue to inspire others to join in safeguarding the planet for future generations.

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