Carrefour Kenya’s Money Saving Tips While Shopping


Every year in May, Carrefour, which Majid Al Futtaim owns the exclusive rights to operate in Kenya, hosts major discounts in celebration of its anniversary, helping customers maximise their value for money.

With that said, during this year’s anniversary, Carrefour offers some useful tips to make your shopping experience more conscious and budget-friendly, from buying in bulk, and purchasing the retailer’s Private Label products to preparing shopping lists in advance, opting for local produce, and making fewer trips to the store to reduce impulse buying.

Buying in Bulk

This anniversary period is a great time to stock-up your pantry with more products for less. At Carrefour, you can find bulk quantities of items, including dry and fresh food, toiletries and cleaning products, home appliances and electronics, at the lowest possible prices without compromising on quality. Additionally, bulk purchases save money and reduce the frequency of trips to the supermarket, saving time and ensuring convenience. According to MagnifyMoney, customers can save an average of 25 per cent by buying products in bulk.

Purchasing Private Label Products

When shopping, customers want to purchase products that do not compromise on quality and taste – but remain pocket friendly. To maintain a budget-friendly shopping trolley, Private Label products are always a customer’s best bet. Retailers’ own brand products still represent a relatively new trend locally, as opposed to Europe, for example, where Private Label items constitute more than 40 per cent of their sales. Carrefour currently has over 3,500 food, beauty, detergent, and non-food products sold across 14 countries, launching new items every month.

Indeed, Carrefour’s Private Label remains among the most competitive on the shelves – and can result in savings up to 20 per cent. It offers an extensive range of products including frozen and dry foods, cooking oil, toiletries and hygiene products, among others, all of which are benchmarked against leading brands. Health-conscious customers can also shop organic products and still save significantly with Carrefour Bio.

Additionally, Carrefour collaborates with local manufacturers to develop its Private Label products, supporting the local economy and ensuring premium products at affordable prices.

Preparing Shopping Lists in Advance

When shopping, it can be easy to confuse oneself with needs and wants, which leads to overspending. A study by Washington State University indicates that a mere 21 per cent of individuals create a shopping list prior to making their shopping trips while over 50 per cent of the items purchased at supermarkets are impulse decisions. This also further contributes to an already existing challenge of food waste. The Food and Agriculture Organisation on Consumer Food Waste states that impulse food purchases made at retail stores often cause customers to acquire products that do not fit their regular meal plans, leading to spoilage before consumption.

By writing a shopping list before setting out to shop, customers can direct their focus to the products they need to buy, with a few indulgent wants. It is the most efficient way to save money, time, and cut down on food waste — as customers only navigate around the shelves they need to shop from. At Carrefour, customers can hold themselves accountable to their shopping lists by billing items at self-checkout counters or using the mobile Scan&Go feature to scan products as they move from shelf to shelf.

Go Local, Save More

Today’s customer is embracing sustainability, and it’s helping them to be more cost effective. Along with finding more ‘innovative’ ways to spend less – such as choosing goods that can be reused repeatedly, with minimal environment impact – customers can also opt to shop for local produce. Doing so will enable customers to save more while enjoying fresh produce grown locally. 

Carrefour has placed much importance in supporting local farmers and producers by locally sourcing 99 per cent of products in all stores across the country. Customers can shop local in all product categories. To save more, Carrefour offers daily, weekly and seasonal discounts across all product assortments. 

Fewer Trips, Smarter Shopping

Frequent supermarket visits often lead to impulse buying and unnecessary spending. Customers can avoid these pitfalls by planning fewer, more structured shopping trips and sticking to their budgets. Carrefour enhances this experience with convenient online shopping options through the Carrefour app, which offers deals, reliable delivery, and increased savings right to your doorstep.

Carrefour isn’t just a store; it’s a partner in your savings journey. By implementing these smart shopping tips, customers can stretch their shillings further while enjoying quality products and exceptional service. Enjoy top-notch products, friendly service, and a better shopping experience at Carrefour. Don’t forget to explore Carrefour’s MyCLUB loyalty programme, where you can earn points on purchases, redeem them for discounts, and access exclusive offers. 

Happy shopping and saving at Carrefour.

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