Standard Chartered Launches SC Juza: A Mobile App for Convenient Short-Term Loans

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya has officially launched SC Juza, a mobile app designed to meet the growing demand for quick and accessible short-term loans. This 100% digital product caters to Kenyans seeking financial flexibility through their mobile phones.

SC Juza: Features and Benefits

Borrowing Made Easy: SC Juza allows users to borrow between KES 1,000 and KES 100,000 for a two-month repayment period. The app offers a unique advantage – interest is only charged on the utilized days, rewarding those who repay early.

Promoting Financial Inclusion: “SC Juza represents a significant step forward in our digitalization strategy,” said Kariuki Ngari, CEO, Kenya and Africa for Standard Chartered. The bank aims to provide a comprehensive and inclusive solution, particularly for the underserved segments seeking to participate in the financial ecosystem.

Successful Trial Run: Over the past month, a limited customer group tested the app. The results were promising: over 13,346 clients attempted registration, with 88% securing loans. The average loan amount borrowed was KES 10,000.

SC Juza

How it Works

Simple Eligibility: To access SC Juza, users download the app and meet basic requirements like a proven track record of loan repayments and a minimum six-month M-PESA subscription history.

Fast and Transparent Loan Processing: Loan applications are processed swiftly with disbursement directly to the user’s mobile wallet. The app prioritizes transparency by displaying all loan service charges upfront.

Clear Fee Structure: A 5.5% processing fee applies to approved applications. For example, a KES 1,000 loan incurs a KES 55 processing fee. The monthly interest rate is 1.6%, translating to KES 16 for a KES 1,000 loan.

Flexible Repayment: The 60-day loan term (approximately two months) offers breathing room for borrowers to fulfill their obligations without immediate pressure. Notably, the service fee is only applied after the initial 30 days, allowing flexibility for early settlements.

Daily Accruing Interest: Interest is calculated daily, ensuring transparency and a clear understanding of the borrowing cost.

Additional Features

  • User-friendly interface with complete loan cost displayed within the app.
  • Fully digitized chat support platform for any inquiries.
  • Robust security measures including SIM swap detection, identity verification through IPRS, and confirmation with Safaricom for phone number legitimacy and registration history. Credit Reference Bureau checks offer an extra layer of security.

Standard Chartered’s Digital Focus

This launch reflects Standard Chartered Kenya’s commitment to digital innovation to cater to evolving customer needs. Following the success of SC Shilingi, Kenya’s first 100% digital money market fund platform, SC Juza further strengthens their digital offerings. Currently, 74% of the bank’s customer base is digitally active, with a significant portion (87% of sales and 85% of client servicing) conducted through their digital platforms.

SC Juza positions Standard Chartered as a frontrunner in providing accessible and convenient financial solutions to Kenyans through mobile technology.

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