Carrefour Kenya Responds to High Court Ruling in Orchards Case

Following yesterday’s ruling by the High Court of Kenya, Carrefour Kenya (operated by Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Limited) has issued a statement.

Court Upholds Fair Administration

The statement highlights the Court’s decision to overturn an earlier ruling that required Carrefour to modify its supplier agreements. Carrefour views this as a recognition of their right to fair administrative procedures.

Carrefour Kenya

Existing Agreements Validated

While the specifics of the case are not mentioned, Carrefour expresses confidence that the Court’s decision effectively validates the existing supplier agreements.

Carrefour Kenya reiterates its commitment to conducting business with fairness and integrity. They emphasize collaboration with partners to build a sustainable and mutually beneficial business environment.

Alignment with Kenya’s Code of Retail

The statement underscores Carrefour’s role in establishing Kenya’s Code of Retail and their continued adherence to its principles. Carrefour emphasizes its use of standardized commercial terms with suppliers, which they believe benefits both parties. They conclude by highlighting their commitment to offering exceptional value and affordable prices to Kenyan customers.

Carrefour Kenya’s perspective on the High Court’s ruling is that the decision is a positive step for fair business practices and supplier relations.

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