TECNO CAMON 30 Series -Redefines Smartphone Imaging with AI

It is always fun going to our National Park to see our amazing wildlife. As someone who grew up next to a National Park, watching animals has always been something that I love doing.  My favorite being the Buffalos, because of my past experience with them. I once escaped narrowly from them when I was in high school, and we had gone for an expedition on Ngong Hills. That was a long day, but it is a story for another day. A few days ago, I went back to Amboseli courtesy of the TECNO Kenya team.  One thing that stuck with me since the last time I was in Amboseli, is the breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro from the Park. It is one of those things that you should at least try to see once in your lifetime, breathtaking. 

This time round the heavy clouds above denied us the chance to see the same view but as always Amboseli has plenty for the visitors. The Park is home to big-tusked elephants, big cats like lions, cheetahs and paradise for birdwatchers. Among others, we also enjoyed seeing acacia woodlands, swamps, marshlands, lake, and the slopes of Oldoinyo Orok. 

Seeing the wildlife and the park in general was secondary to the main event that took us there, the launch of TECNO CAMON 30 Series.  The event setup and the decor were fully in line with the theme TECNO Wild Experience which highlighted TECNO’s commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism.  The event also marked the start of a three-year partnership with Magical Kenya. Through this partnership TECNO intends to support local communities and preserve the natural beauty of the world we live in.

CAMON 30 Series

Having watched TECNO closely for over ten years, I think it is one brand whose progress to the top should be studied in schools and colleges. They came in and studied the market closely, which at the time was dominated by Samsung and Nokia and then took it over through sheer determination and clever decisions.  You might be surprised to hear that based on the Safaricom network, the Transsion Group, that is TECNO, Infinix and Itel has a combined market share of 60%. I suspect the same is translated in both the Airtel and Telkom Kenya networks and because of the dominant of Safaricom network in Kenya it is not farfetched to say that Transsion Group has market share of 60% in Kenya.  

On the CAMON 30 Series launch the stage was set up by Peter Shi, Brand Manager of TECNO Kenya, who expressed his excitement about the CAMON 30 debut “We eagerly anticipate demonstrating to Kenyan consumers the transformative impact TECNO can make as we unveil our comprehensive product lineup and showcase how we’re pioneering cutting-edge technologies, wrapped in sleek modern design, right here in Kenya.”

That lineup included. 

That lineup included.
-CAMON 30 Series, under which you have
CAMON 30 Pro
-TECNO Laptop, read more here
-TECNO wearable IoT devices, read more here

As part of the historic launch, TECNO announced that the CAMON 30 Series is the first to debut with the highly anticipated Android 14 operating system. Android 14 represents the latest evolution of Google’s renowned mobile platform, delivering enhanced performance, security, and user experience, thereby elevating the CAMON 30 Series to unprecedented heights of mobile excellence. 

The CAMON 30 Series boasts a Classic Side-axis Camera Design, reminiscent of classic rangefinder cameras, designed to make every user feel like a professional photographer. Talking of photography, the CAMON 30 Series introduces 50MP Eye-tracking Autofocus Front Camera, powered by pioneering AI technology. The CAMON 30 Premier 5G and the CAMON 30 Pro 5G enhance this feature with a Sony IMX890 50MP OIS Main Camera. The 50MP OIS also supports Steady Night Portrait with optical image stabilization for ultra-steady shots. 

It comes with memory options of up to 512GB+24GB, and 70W Ultra Charge 5000mAh battery. Furthermore, the CAMON 30 Series pioneers innovative AI functionalities, such as Social App Turbo and AIGC Portrait functions. The Social App Turbo which revolutionizes video calling experiences, and AI Erase, which enables users to rescue perfect shots from unexpected interruptions while the AIGC Portrait function, removes the hassle of third-party apps and allows users to invent creative personalized portraits for on-trend, fashionable and fun social media avatars. 

One area that I feel phone manufacturers have lost plot on is the design, but I have to commend TECNO for giving it their best shot. The CAMON 30 Series has Classic Side-axis Camera Design and industry-first suede Tech-Art Leather, which adds a premium touch to the device. With a wide range of colors, including Iceland Basaltic Dark, Sahara Sand Brown and Emerald Lake Green, the CAMON 30 Series offers a personalized experience for every user. 

The CAMON 30 Series also delivers an immersive audiovisual experience, featuring Dolby Atmos technology for enhanced audio quality and upgraded visuals for gaming, videos, and music. Additionally, the series incorporates Wet Hand Touch technology ensuring functionality and durability in various environmental conditions.

The CAMON 30 Pro 5G, the CAMON 30 5G and the CAMON 30 are now available across Kenya, with the CAMON 30 Premier 5G scheduled for release later this year.

 The recommended prices:

-CAMON 30 -Ksh.31,999

-CAMON 30 5G – Ksh. 49,499

-CAMON 30 Pro -Ksh.57,499

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