LG ThinQ UP 2.0 is here with additional features for more devices

LG ThinQ UP 2.0 Product Lineup_01

LG Electronics recently unveiled LG ThinQ UP 2.0, an upgraded version of its smart home innovation designed to make daily life more convenient and connected. Showcased at IFA 2023, this new iteration marks LG’s expansion into non-hardware areas and underlines the company’s commitment to transforming home appliances into service-oriented solutions.

Dongwon Lee, the Managing Director of LG Electronics EA, describes LG ThinQ UP 2.0 as the beginning of LG’s shift toward a more service-based business model. The company’s goal is to pioneer the ‘Home as a Service’ (HaaS) era and offer innovative solutions that enhance customers’ lives.

In line with their Smart Home Solution strategy and the ‘Zero Labor Home Makes Quality Time’ vision, LG is set to introduce a range of services focused on addressing customer needs and simplifying life at home.

LG ThinQ UP 2.0 introduces a new level of personalization, tailoring product performance and services to each user’s preferences throughout their entire customer journey. Unlike traditional appliances with fixed features, ThinQ UP 2.0 products continuously update their functions, aiming to make household chores quicker and easier. They offer flexible subscription options and suggest additional services to streamline daily life.

The personalization journey begins early, with customers participating in a ‘Life Pattern Analysis’ survey via the LG ThinQ app. This data helps LG optimize the appliance’s settings to match individual preferences. Users can also adjust the order of cycles on their appliances and save their settings on the app.

For instance, LG’s InstaView bottom freezer allows users to set precise temperature controls for various types of stored food, change the LED lighting color on the InstaView door’s glass panel, and leave messages for family members on the freezer’s LCD display.

LG has also introduced an on-device chip, the DQ-C chip, and a new operating system for ThinQ UP 2.0 washers and dryers. These innovations provide ample memory for tailored features and functions that can be easily managed via the appliance’s touch displays or the ThinQ app.

LG’s ThinQ UP 2.0 lineup emphasizes the ‘servitization’ of home appliances by offering personalized products and services that complement customers’ lifestyles. This includes subscriptions and smart home services that enhance LG’s product performance, laundry services for specialized clothing care, and automated services for re-ordering detergent and fresh foods.

The diversity of ThinQ UP 2.0 features turns LG’s washing machines into all-in-one solutions, offering convenient services from dry-cleaning to clothing storage.

LG’s appliance subscription service allows customers to choose subscription periods from three to six years, with monthly reports suggesting personalized product recommendations based on individual usage patterns and preferences.

In summary, LG ThinQ UP 2.0 is designed to make home appliances more personalized and convenient for users. It introduces innovative features and services to enhance the daily lives of customers, from tailored washing cycles to convenient temperature controls in refrigerators. LG’s commitment to the ‘Home as a Service’ concept is evident in their service offerings and subscription options, giving users more freedom and ease in managing their households.


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