“CMC Motors’ 75th Anniversary: Igniting the Future of African Agriculture


CMC Motors, a leading player in the African agricultural machinery industry, celebrated a momentous occasion today, marking the 75th anniversary of its establishment in the country. The event was attended by key industry figures, including CNH Industrial EMEA President, Mr. Carlo Alberto Sisto, New Holland Brand representatives, representatives from various agricultural organizations, and CMC Motors’ staff and partners.

During the event, CMC Motors expressed its profound gratitude to New Holland for their unwavering commitment to advancing the agricultural industry. New Holland’s dedication was underscored by the organization of a special training camp, which empowers individuals in the field with the knowledge and tools essential for thriving in today’s rapidly evolving agricultural landscape.

Mr. Sakib Eltaff, the MD of CMC Motors, expressed his appreciation for New Holland’s investment in the collective future, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to providing farmers with the skills and resources they need to succeed. This training camp represents a unique and meaningful opportunity to advance the understanding of modern agriculture and New Holland’s cutting-edge equipment.

The event saw the spotlight shine on CMC Motors’ strategic direction, as they officially announced their exit from the passenger vehicle market, emphasizing their unwavering focus on tractors and agriculture-related initiatives. Africa’s vast arable land, young population, and favourable climate provide a unique opportunity for agricultural growth, but a lack of technical knowledge and resources has hindered this potential. CMC Motors is committed to addressing these challenges and providing essential training and empowerment to emerging and medium-scale farmers.

Specific objectives of this initiative include doubling farm yield production in the next 10 years, providing information to reverse the trend of declining farm yields, promoting sustainable income for farmers, and offering service clinics for optimal equipment life. The company aims to demonstrate the value of mechanized conservation agriculture, emphasizing minimum soil disturbance, permanent soil cover, water conservation, and more.

In a strategic move to revolutionize African agriculture, CMC Motors has partnered with organizations like KALRO (Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organisation), WFP (World Food Programme), and FTMA (Food to Market Alliance). This collaboration aims to provide farmers with the latest agricultural technology and knowledge, empowering them to maximize the potential of their land and contribute to food security and economic development.

Furthermore, CMC Motors and New Holland are committed to addressing global food security challenges through climate-smart agriculture, including greenhouse gas reduction, water resource conservation, and biodiversity preservation through innovative agricultural solutions.

During the event, top-performing staff and branches were recognized for their unwavering commitment, innovation, and excellence in serving customers.

In alignment with SDG 3 and SDG 12, CMC Motors, in partnership with CNH Industrial, will also provide 1,000 free safety kits across East Africa, ensuring the well-being of farmers as they work tirelessly to feed growing populations. During the training camp, CMC and CNH Industrial highlighted the importance of these safety kits and launched the distribution of the kits across East Africa.

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, CMC Motors has launched exciting offers for its customers, including cash price discounts on tractors, discounts on parts, interest subvention promotions in collaboration with Equity Bank, and a special offer of 75 Hero 150cc bikes with the purchase of 75 TT75 tractors adorned with unique 75th-anniversary artwork.

CMC Motors is dedicated to advancing agriculture in Africa and supporting the success of farmers and tractor owners. The company looks forward to working closely with partners, including KALRO, WFP, FTMA, and New Holland, towards a brighter and more sustainable future for agriculture in the region.

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