There is nothing unique about AfriKonekta online booking platforms


Online booking for long distance travel is not a new phenomenon in Kenya. For several years, major bus companies have been offering this service to their customers, allowing them to reserve seats and make payments in a convenient and timely way. However, a recent launch of a new online bus booking platform, AfriKonekta, has generated some hype and claims of being a revolutionary means of travel in Africa. But is there anything unique about AfriKonekta that sets it apart from the existing platforms?

AfriKonekta is an online bus booking platform that allows passengers to book a bus ticket to major destinations around the country from as low as sh148 (I assume this is booking fees for I don’t see how I can go to my home county for shs 148 – unless the home county is Kiambu and I live in Nairobi). The platform has also integrated parcel delivery services targeting SMEs, online merchants and person to person (P2P) delivery services. According to Tichaona Dande, the AfriKonekta CEO, the platform seeks to build a connected Africa, broader and deeper regional and continental integration. The platform targets long distance bus operators plying from Nairobi to other towns and vice versa. AfriKonekta currently covers over 37 destinations and has signed about 20 bus operators. The service can be accessed on an App, Web, WhatsApp or via a toll-free phone call.

While these features may sound impressive, they are not unique to AfriKonekta. In fact, there are several other online bus booking platforms that offer similar or even better services to travelers in Kenya. For example:

  • BuuPass – Life Without Borders: This platform enables travelers to book affordable buses, trains and flights. It also offers flexible payments options such as M-pesa, credit cards or bank transfers. It has excellent customer service available 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, via phone, chat or email. It has partnered with over 35 travel destinations and more than 10 bus operators such as Modern Coast, Easy Coach, Greenline Safaris, among others.
  • Mybus: This platform makes bus ticket booking simpler by giving visibility to precise seats that are available and the seats that have been booked. It aggregates inventory of seats of multiple operators to make it easier for the traveler to choose between the bus operators. It also offers comfort, punctuality, pricing and convenience to its customers. It covers over 20 destinations and has partnered with more than 15 bus operators such as Transline Classic, Coast Bus, Simba Coach, among others.
  • Easy Coach: This is one of the leading bus companies in Kenya that offers online booking services. It has a fleet of coaches that are best-in-class and regularly maintained. It also offers super-comfortable seats and free wifi. It values its customersā€™ time and ensures on time departure. It covers over 30 destinations and operates over 50 buses daily.

These are just some of the examples of online bus booking platforms that have been available in Kenya for several years. They have proven to be reliable, efficient and customer-friendly. Therefore, there is nothing unique about AfriKonekta that makes it stand out from the crowd. It is just another online bus booking platform that tries to capitalize on the growing demand for intercity travel in Africa. However, it faces stiff competition from the established players who have already built trust and loyalty among their customers.

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