Ad Dynamo by Aleph appoints José Gonsalves as MD for East Africa

Ad Dynamo

Ad Dynamo by Aleph, the leading digital advertising agency in Africa, has announced the appointment of José Gonsalves as the managing director for East Africa. Gonsalves will be responsible for overseeing the digital workstreams, deliverables, and management of Ad Dynamo by Aleph’s suite of platforms and networks, including Spotify, Twitter, Snap, and Yahoo.

Gonsalves brings with him 15 years of experience in digital media, working for multinational corporations in Africa and Europe. He has a deep understanding of the local nuances that govern go-to-market strategies, as well as agency experience in these markets. He says, “I believe I am capable of communicating with our clients using a narrative tailored to their needs.”

Gonsalves started his career at Acceleration Media, where he managed 100 tier 3 clients, including ESPN North America and Microsoft. He then moved to Naspers as the Digital Ad Operations Manager for Media24, one of the largest media companies in Africa. In 2015, he became the Global Programmatic Manager at Addsuite, where he handled over $25 million in billings.

Gonsalves is excited to join Ad Dynamo by Aleph, which is an enabler of digital advertising in emerging markets. He says, “Aleph over the most recent years has grown at an incredible rate, which is unheard of in the industry, especially with the current climate. One of the key character traits that really intrigued me was how, taking into consideration the sheer size of Aleph, it still manages to retain its ability to be agile, and to be able to make quick and necessary decisions in order to service its clients more effectively.”

He adds, “The year ahead brings a host of opportunities, such as AI and ML, and we as Aleph need to ensure that we are at the forefront of these developments. We need to look beyond just media buying and more at how media buying can be used as a tool.”

Ad Dynamo by Aleph is the exclusive media buying extension for Spotify, Twitter, Snap, and Yahoo in Africa. The agency offers a range of services, such as creative strategy, content production, social media management, influencer marketing, data analytics, and programmatic buying. Ad Dynamo by Aleph is part of Aleph Holding, a global partner to the world’s biggest digital media players.

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