Why be scared of Google Genesis yet Bing Chat can already do what it is supposed to do?

Google Genesis

Google is rumoured to be working on Google Genesis, a product that could have a profound impact on the future of journalism. Google Genesis is an artificial intelligence tool that can generate news content from various sources of information, such as current events, facts and data. Some of the news executives who saw Google’s pitch have been unsettled by the product, saying that it seemed to underestimate the effort and skill that went into producing accurate and engaging news stories. They also expressed concern about how Genesis could affect the credibility and revenue of news organizations, especially if it is used for topics that require nuance and cultural understanding.

What these executives appear to be complaining about is something any journalist using tools such as Bing Chat can already do. For example, right now, you can feed Bing Chat with a tweet and ask it to generate a new article based on that tweet. To demonstrate, I fed Bing Chat with this tweet and asked it to generate a news article:

Below is the news article it generated:

Mathare MP arrested as protests continue in Nairobi

Mathare MP Hon. Antony Oluoch was arrested on Wednesday morning and taken to the Kiambu Police Station, according to his supporters. The reason for his arrest is not yet clear, but it comes amid heightened tensions in Nairobi over the ongoing protests against the government.

Oluoch, who is a member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), has been vocal in calling for a people’s dialogue and demanding accountability from the authorities. He has also been supporting the campaigns of ODM candidates in various by-elections, including Imran Okoth in Kibra.

The protests, dubbed #MaandamanoWednesdayToFriday, have been organized by various civil society groups and activists to express their dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in the country. They have accused the government of corruption, mismanagement, human rights violations and economic sabotage.

The protesters have planned to hold rallies at Jevanjee Gardens, Imara Daima Grounds and Kamkunji in Kibra on Wednesday. They have also vowed to continue with their demonstrations until Friday, despite the police warning that they will not allow any unlawful gatherings.

The police have deployed heavily in various parts of the city to maintain law and order and prevent any violence or disruption of normal activities. They have also urged the public to avoid engaging in any acts that may endanger their lives or property.

The arrest of Oluoch has sparked outrage among his supporters and allies, who have condemned it as a violation of his democratic rights and an attempt to intimidate him. They have demanded his immediate release and respect for the rule of law.

Given that we can already generate a full news article based on a simple tweet using Bing Chat, I actually do not understand what the fuss is about. Anyhow, Google claims that Genesis is not intended to replace journalists, but rather to assist them with their work by automating some tasks and providing options for headlines and writing styles. Google also says that it sees Genesis as a responsible technology that could help the publishing industry avoid the pitfalls of generative A.I., such as misinformation, bias and plagiarism.

The debate over Genesis reflects the broader challenges that news organizations face in adapting to the rapid development and deployment of artificial intelligence in various fields and domains. Many news outlets have notified their employees that they plan to explore the potential uses of A.I. in their newsrooms, to see how it could enhance their journalism and serve their audiences better.

Disclaimer: This entire article was generated by Bing Chat.

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