How Your Marketing Department Can Take Advantage Of ChatGPT

The entry of ChatGPT into the market is best defined as disruptive innovation. The artificial intelligence bot developed by Open AI was officially released in November 2022 as the need for making softwares that think intelligently was fast arising. Following its official release, we have seen a disruption in professions that involve content creation such as marketing, advertising, technical writing, programming and so on. And even though ChatGPT cannot fully replace the need for a marketing consultant, it seeks to ease the job. This means that if a business has eight people in marketing, adopting ChatGPT could mean having three personnel working to accomplish the same workload.

What then are its strengths to the marketing professional?

ChatGPT has the ability to write for any marketing collateral be it emails, blogposts, website copy or social media posts by tailoring existing brand content to suit the audience. But to generate relevant content, the expert behind the bot is crucial as curating the quality of input into the tool to ensure output consistent with the brand’s tone is number 1.

Generating ideas is another of ChatGPT’s strength. Marketing largely works around business and innovations, and using the right prompts, ChatGPT is able to address questions and elaborate queries while serving to generate new ideas for a product or service. But there are ‘no go zones’ when it comes to the tool. For example, you cannot ask the tool for marketing strategy recommendations, keyword research, Google Ad organization, web development and running competitor analysis. It is not to say that the tool is unable to do these tasks, but the accuracy levels are much lower than those of creating copy and content.

What’s clear is that to a marketer, ChatGPT is more of a complement than a competitor as the tool has capabilities that help improve productivity. But this is not to mean that the AI bot can replace human involvement. Not at all, but we must anticipate a future where such tools continue to disrupt the way we work.


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