Play online games on Zone’s E-Sport Blockchain Gaming platform and earn up to $250 monthly prizes


Blockchain gaming company, Zone, has launched a web-based gamefi platform built on blockchain technology that allows players to earn cryptocurrency rewards for their gaming skills. The platform, which is the first gamefi ecosystem on the Algorand blockchain, combines on-chain gaming challenges, yield farming, and NFTs to create a free-to-play and play-to-earn ecosystem. Zone allows gamers to earn up to $250 per month by playing AAA games, Zone Fantasy, and Zone Games. The platform has its own crypto token, $ZONE, which can be acquired from any Algorand-based decentralized exchange.

The crypto-based gaming platform will allow gamers to earn up to $250 per month by playing AAA games, Zone Fantasy, and Zone Games. Zone targets e-sport and casual gamers with consoles and internet-enabled devices such as laptops and smartphones. The platform is a game-changer for crypto gaming, especially for Kenyan gamers who want to invest in Algorand coin by playing to earn and entertain themselves.

$ZONE can be used on the platform to pay participation fees for paid pools and earn rewards, as well as purchase gift cards from the Zone Marketplace. Additionally, users can stake their $ZONE tokens to earn passive income through

According to Avhit Bij, CEO of Zone says Zone is a game changer in crypto gaming, especially for Kenyan gamers who want to invest in Algorand coin by playing to earn and entertain themselves. The recent United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) report indicates that Kenya has the largest share of its population with cryptocurrencies in Africa. The report indicates that 8.5 percent of the population or 4.25 million people own cryptocurrencies in the country:

“Zone is an e-sport gamefi platform that offers our youth an opportunity to make money as they entertain themselves. Most Kenyan youths are jobless and gaming is giving them an opportunity to make a living in the comfort of their smartphones, laptops, or consoles. But we are revolutionizing gaming through crypto gaming which is now popular globally. Today, the highest price that has ever been won on Esport FIFA games is USD.3Million.”

Meanwhile, gamers have an opportunity to compete in a solo or multi-faceted game within the Zone Gamefi platform and compete for a prize that has been set by the platform.

On the other hand, players can now join the blockchain e-sport game by going to the official website of the blockchain gaming company ( Some of the popular games on the platform include temple run kind of a game known as Escape Run, Candy Crush kind of a game known as Candy Fiesta, and Merge Mania. Additionally, some of Fantasy sports include Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football.

At the same time, gamers will be able to win Zone NFTs as rewards. Zone’s NFT collection, which is also known as AFK Elephant NFTs is the most utilitarian and the best web3 gaming NFT:

“Our NFTs are all algorithmically generated with varying degrees of rare traits. Owning an AFK Elephant enables the holder to do everything in the ZONE ecosystem,” says Mr. Bij.

AFK NFTs come in 6 different rarity classes:

1. Mythic

2. Legendary

3. Super Rare

4. Rare

5. Uncommon

6. Common

Holding rarer AFK Elephants can lead to higher benefits, such as increased $ZONE token airdrops. In addition, AFK holders can enjoy daily free game farms. AFK elephants serve as a pseudonymous identity to your profile on Zone by acting as a profile picture. It is visible on game leaderboards, top ranking leaderboards on the platform.

Along with the airdrops, AFK holders can also access exclusive games, only accessible to the AFK NFT holders offering massive rewards to the best players among the holders.

Furthermore, Zone has also appointed Brian the Beast as its Brand Ambassador to popularize Zone Esport games in Kenya. Brian the Beast, brings his popularity and skills in participating in various International E-sport games in Kenya and other parts of the world:

“The launch of Zone as a crypto-gaming platform is revolutionary. This is a moment we have been waiting for in Kenya so that we cannot only play but also earn. Crypto-gaming is now on another level. I believe it will help some of us who are pro-gamers to earn a living as we entertain ourselves and interact with the rest of the world. This is a game changer for us, especially for the many youths bearing the brunt of the high cost of living and joblessness.”

Signing up and Wallet creation

Signing up on Zone is incredibly easy with Magic Link Integration. Once you are on the Zone platform and click on the “Sign In” button on the top right, all you need to do afterward is click on “sign up with email” and complete OTP verification to automatically receive a wallet address, which you can use to play and earn. As a user, you will always be in control of the funds in your created wallet and can choose to withdraw your earnings at any time.

How to play and earn on Zone

After completing the easy sign-up process, you’ll be ready to start earning rewards on Zone. There are several avenues to play and earn, including:

1. Hyper casual game tournaments

2. Player vs. player matches in popular games like 8 Ball Pool and Carrom 

3. AAA Esports like DOTA 2

4. Fantasy sports in cricket and football

To play simply visit sign up and verify. Pick whichever genre you want to play in. Use the sidebar to go to the gaming genre you want to explore and play in the Zone.

To play hypercasual games on Zone, follow the steps shown in the video attached below.

As you earn by gaming on Zone, you can choose to use your tokens to purchase gift cards on the Zone gift cards Marketplace with over 120 global brands, including Amazon, Netflix, and Binance.

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