“Techy” Casino Games

Techy casino games are well-developed games that come with amazing graphics and easy-to-use controls. In essence, casino games are simulations because they control every action in the game. When you log into the betway casino Zambia platform, you will access these “techy” casino games. This article deeply delves into four top techy games to help you make an informed choice.

techy casino games


Blackjack is a top pick for players who enjoy wagering, playing, winning, and taking home massive bonuses. Players can access offline and online blackjack tournaments from the comfort of their homes. The online mode is more immersive as it allows you to play against other players.

Online blackjack software enables players to enjoy the feel of a real blackjack table. For example, they use random number generators to ensure fair dealing of cards. Additionally, most top-rated online casinos use multiple features to make the games more immersive. The features include side bets, leaderboards, and chat rooms.

Online blackjack uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read the cards players deal. This software enables the game software to keep track of the cards dealt. However, for online blackjack, the software is simply a tool because the casino operator eventually determines the experience you will have.


Slots games are available in different themes, including horror slots, movie slots, ancient Egypt slots, music slots, and adventure slots. The continued development of online slots has ensured that fans can access top-quality games.

While the basic idea of slots is, simple but advanced slots offer more than meets the eye. For instance, the games use Random Number Generator to randomize the outcome of slot spins. This technology ensures the symbols appear on the screen at random.

The other core software used in slot games is Return To Player rate and volatility. RTP shows the average percentage of the money wagered you can get back. Volatility determines the frequency and size of payouts you get.

Slots use 3D modeling and illustrations to make the games more immersive. Initially, developers used Flash technology, but it was not compatible with smartphones. Consequently, they started using HTML5, which is compatible with mobile devices. Finally, developers have recently started using virtual reality to make the games more immersive.


Technological innovations have helped make online poker more immersive. For example, online casinos have optimized their platforms allowing players to access poker games from their phones. Other technologies that have helped developers make poker games more immersive include virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

These technologies have enabled top casino platforms like Betway to offer their players numerous bonuses and personalized gaming experiences. The casinos use the data they collect online to understand what the players prefer and use the information to improve player experiences.


Roulette is a popular casino game that has evolved over the years. Technological innovations have enabled roulette developers to offer more immersive games. One key technology behind roulette games is the random number generator, which ensures numbers are picked randomly.The game also uses optical character recognition in live roulette games to decode and process every action. Additionally, the games use the game control unit to encode data from the game and project it on the screen. The technology holds everything together to ensure players can enjoy live roulette games.

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