Samsung Electronics C-Lab Startups to Debut at CES 2023


Samsung has announced that it will be displaying new projects from its C-Lab program at CES 2023. The company will unveil four projects from C-Lab Inside, its in-house venture program, and eight startups supported by C-Lab Outside, its startup acceleration program. These innovative projects will be on display at Eureka Park in Las Vegas from January 5-8, and Samsung hopes that the startups will have the opportunity to engage with the global market, strengthen their business viability, and meet with potential investors through their participation in CES.

Samsung has been showcasing its C-Lab Inside projects at CES since 2016, and the upcoming projects for 2023 have been highly rated for their innovation, marketability, and completeness among those currently being developed in-house. The projects are:

  • Meta-Running – a metaverse platform for learning proper running form;
  • Porkamix – a metaverse platform that offers an interactive concert experience;
  • Soom – a new meditation experience with real-time feedback; and
  • Falette, a 3D digital transformation for home fabric products.

C-LabOutside is a startup acceleration program launched by Samsung in 2018 to support the startup ecosystem in Korea. The program provides startups with office space, expert mentorship from Samsung employees, and digital marketing and financial consulting. It also offers potential partnerships with Samsung Electronics and opportunities to participate in influential IT exhibitions such as CES and KES (Korea Electronics Show). Over the past year, Samsung and the Daegu Center and the Gyeong-buk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, which are part of C-Lab Outside, have been incubating these startups to help them develop their technology and be ready to showcase at CES 2023. The eight selected startups are:

  • NdotLight – a web-based 3D design solution;
  • NEUBILITY – an urban delivery service using self-driving robots;
  • 40FY – a digital mental health care app service;
  • CELLICO – a micro-bionic eye for patients with retinal disease;
  • Plask – an AI and browser-based motion capture and animation editing tool;
  • Wrn Technologies – writing training and content creation services using generative AI;
  • Catius – a multi-turn conversational AI companion for children; and
  • Erangtek – an IoT micro repeater for home users to improve call quality.

In November 2022, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced the winners of the CES 2023 Innovation Awards in 28 product categories, including the Best of Innovation award. C-Lab startups received two Best of Innovation Awards and 27 were named Innovation Awards Honorees, resulting in a total of 29 Innovation Awards for C-Lab in 2022 and 2023. Samsung Electronics is sharing its expertise on how to win the CES Innovation Award and enter the global market.

“We are delighted to see that C-Lab startups have demonstrated their technological capabilities on the global stage, as evidenced by the most Innovation Awards ever at CES,” said Hark Kyu Park, President and Chief Financial Officer at Samsung Electronics. “We hope that C-Lab startups will be able to more aggressively target the global market and showcase the excellence of Korean startups.”

Notably, Dot Inc., which develops devices and software for the visually impaired, was named a CES 2022 Best of Innovation Award winner in the Accessibility category and also received two CES Innovation Awards Honorees. Verses, which developed the Meta Music System for streaming, was named a CES 2023 Best of Innovation Award winner in the Streaming category. Seven of the eight startups exhibiting in the C-Lab booth – NEUBILITY, 40FY, NdotLight, CELLICO, Plask, Catius, Wrtn Technologies – won Innovation Awards. In addition, seven spun-off startups from C-Lab Inside and 11 former C-Lab Outside startups won two Best of Innovation Awards and 20 Innovation Awards.

In 2018, Samsung Electronics announced that it would accelerate 300 Korean startups through C-Lab Outside and 200 projects through C-LabInside over a five-year period. To date, the company has nurtured a total of 506 startups and projects (304 from C-Lab Outside and 202 from C-Lab Inside). Samsung recently established C-Lab Family, a professional network through which alumni startups can continue to collaborate with Samsung even after graduating from C-Lab Outside or spinning off from C-Lab. The company also created the C-Lab Scale-Up Committee and plans to gradually expand partnerships and investments for the C-Lab Family in the future.

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