5 DIY Heating Projects You Can Do On A Budget 

Staying warm in the winter can be tough, especially with the cost of living crisis that’s currently happening. Even if you’ve got the best vertical radiator on the market, the price of your energy bill may mean you can’t use it as often as you’d like. However, there are ways that you can heat your home for less and keep your entire family warm even on the coldest nights. So, keep reading and discover 5 DIY heating projects that you can do on a budget! 

DIY Heating Projects
  1. Fill Any Cracks 

The first thing to do is check your home for any cracks or drafts. These normally occur around windows and doors, and they can really wreak havoc on how efficiently you can heat your home. There are plenty of window sealants and crack repair kits in your local DIY stores and online, so you don’t need to seek out a professional to fix them. The best way to find them is to head into each room, closing all the windows and doors as you go. While in each room, head over to the windows and doors and see if you can feel any cold air or breezes coming in. You’ll be shocked at how many of you find! Once you know where they are, you can grab your repair kit and get going. With all the cracks fixed and no more drafts coming in, you’ll most definitely notice a difference in how warm your home is. 

  1. Create Door Draft Blockers

As well as drafts coming through cracks, they can also come under doors. When fitted into the frame, doors aren’t flush to the ground, otherwise they wouldn’t open. But this can let in a lot of cold air when the nights turn cold. So, to combat this, try creating your own draft excluders from odds and ends around the house. Old clothes can work wonders, and they won’t cost you a penny! All you need to do is grab the old clothes, roll them up into a long shape that covers the length of the door. You can then tie or even sew them up so that they remain in this shape, and then pop them in front of the door, tucking them underneath slightly. This will really help you to block out all the cold air that is normally let in, and you won’t have to worry about spending money to do so. 

  1. Layer Up Your Windows

Unless you’ve fixed every crack in your windows and got the very latest, greatest ones fitted, you’ll probably notice some cold coming through them. To help overcome the chill they let in, try layering up your windows. Don’t just have one set of thin curtains. Instead, hang nets or voiles, and then have longer, thicker curtains that can be closed over them as well. This will trap the cold and prevent it from penetrating the rest of the room. Longer curtains are also better because they stop the cold from sneaking out from underneath too. If you can feel a cold draft circling around your legs while you’re on the sofa, then you definitely need to pick up longer curtains. So, don’t let your windows let you down, and start layering up your curtains for a truly insulated feeling. 

  1. Insulate Your Floors

As well as insulating your windows, you also need to think about your floors. A lot of cold can come up through the floors and really make your whole house feel extra chilly. If you want to stop this yourself without splashing out on underfloor heating, then it’s a good idea to start laying some rugs down. You could go for large ones that cover most of the floor, or you could go for multiple different small ones across the entire area. Whatever look you decide to go for, make sure that it’s thick enough to trap some of the cold and stop it from reaching your feet. You’ll definitely notice how much warmer your home feels when you start to incorporate rugs into your décor. You can even do the same in the bathroom. No one likes to step out of a hot shower and onto ice cold tiles. Try opting for a bigger bathmat to help keep the floor warmer over a larger area or have more than one mat so you can keep your feet warm. Rugs can really make a big difference to how warm you feel at home, so don’t overlook them! 

  1. Make The Most Of Cooking

Now, this tip isn’t technically a DIY one, but it’s brilliant nonetheless, and it can really make a difference to your home. When you cook your meals during the day, you probably notice how warm it gets in the kitchen. So, to try and extend this to other rooms downstairs, try leaving the over doors open while they cool down. All of that warm air will just be wasted otherwise, so you might as well let it seep into the rest of your home. It’s not a permanent solution to the cold, but it can work wonders in the evening when you want to heat your house quickly. So, don’t just turn the oven off and shut the door. Leave it open and feel the glorious heat pour out while it warms up your house. 

Staying warm is pretty difficult in these times, but it can be done. You just need to change up your approach a little and try to do some of it yourself. Instead of relying on radiators alone, be sure to fix any cracks, cover up the doors with homemade draft excluders, and make use of layering your curtains. You’ll feel the difference that they can make instantly, and you’ll wonder why on earth you didn’t do it all before. Soon, you’ll have the perfect toasty home to relax in during the evenings, and you won’t even think about turning the thermostat up!

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