Instagram As Your Marketing Tool

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An impactful presence in the minds of your customers leaves a lasting image. Many big companies use an IMC (integrated marketing communication) tool to target their audience from several different platforms increasing the chances of engagement. Instagram, a digital marketing tool, offers an array of options to market your business. Today, in this article we will be talking about the fun features of Instagram as a marketing tool be it for small to large-sized businesses, bloggers, and influencers or just a startup in its initial stages of development.

Sticker Posts On Stories

Creating and sharing exciting stories on Instagram has proven to be very engaging if the content that you design is according to your target audience. Instagram sticker options include music, question stickers, engagement poll, mentions, and many more. Make sure you create engaging sticker posts. For instance, if you are launching a new variant of your existing product, use a poll sticker to gauge the potential acceptance of the new idea by the target audience before actually launching.

Instagram Reel

A fifteen seconds long multi-clip video is a reel. Instagram has several filters and options to choose your favorite music from your Instagram library or browse from the internet. You can create a reel of your own or can use the reel templates Instagram suggests. Use a mix of Influencer marketing and Instagram reel for greater reach. Using influencers on Instagram, you can ask them to make reels for your. Do not forget that you always have the option to put a caption under your reel.

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The #Hashtag Game

Instagram gained so much popularity after the arrival of hashtags. You need to choose the hashtags carefully. Among the three broad categories of hashtags, choose the one appropriate to your business needs in terms of its current reach, life cycle stage, etc. Learn how to add hashtags to Instagram reels, stories, and posts to increase the reach.

Live Video

The Live Video feature on Instagram is a great way to share your thoughts, products, and promotions while encouraging direct interaction with your audience. During a live video session, people who join the session have the option to leave a comment. This way, they interact directly with you, allowing you to answer right there and then, leaving them satisfied. This interactive session tends to increase the engagement rate as well as the audience’s attention and interest in your offerings. Moreover, you can also save the live session in the end and post it on your feed for those who missed can watch it later.

Pinned Comments/ Post

One of Instagram’s latest features is the option to pin your most important or favorite comments and posts on top of your page allowing the visitors to have a look at that very post at first glance. The more visible the post would be, the better it would be for the audience to retain it. These tools are what make effective Instagram marketing campaigns.


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