The SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition designed by Designworks by BMW

tecno spark pro sport edition

TECNO, the global premium smartphone and smart device brand, has launched its brand-new SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition for passionate Gen Z. Designworks, a BMW group company, is responsible for the colour, material and finish of the design of this superior model. Fusing world-class automobile design and luxurious touches with SPARK’s trendy design language, the Sport Edition creates a distinct icon of the young and their culture, allowing them to express their aspiration for passion, speed and style.  

Peter Shi, Brand Manager, TECNO Mobile Kenya, said “We are so excited to introduce the SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition as we continue to reinforce TECNO’s commitment to exploring more possibilities in the fusion of technology, innovation, and design. We are also proud to be affiliated with a world-renowned company such as design works- A BMW Group Company.” 

On his part, Andre De Salis, Creative Director, of Industrial Design at Designworks, said “Working together with a company like TECNO is inspiring, as it gives us the opportunity to focus on another user experience – the smartphone. While there is a difference in scale, something smartphones and cars have in common is that they are extremely personal and are relied on daily by their users, and they are also a means of personal expression.”  

This Sport Edition comes with all the great features of the SPARK 9 Pro, including a 32MP front camera, MediaTek Helio G85 chipset and the 6.6″ 1080P Full HD large screen, bringing extraordinary fun and pleasure for passionate young users and allowing them to best express their own intrinsic and extrinsic identity. 

Reproduce the Distinct Design of BMW Designworks for the Passionate 

The application of colour and pattern is always the first language for Gen Z to show their own style. Taking its cue from an icy crystal talisman, the blue and white colour scheme of the SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition reminds people of the power and drama of the superhero. The bold and bright blue expresses the elements of the metaverse and also presents futurism, while the purity and primitiveness of white appeals to young consumers who wish to express their refinement and preference for high standards.   

The SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition’s unparalleled triangular texture also elevates the phone from a regular high-powered handset to the mobile phone counterpart of a frontier luxury sedan. The use of triangles, which traditionally symbolize stability and power, allows the Sport Edition to convey the sense of identity and confidence that comes with owning a premium car. At the same time, the dynamic triangular design also brings the phone to life and expresses a feeling of speed, which reveals the internal capabilities and diverse functionality of the phone. 

Young consumers looking for a touch of lush will also be drawn to the phone’s intricate crystal diamond-cut elements. This finishing touch creates a subtle sense of luxury that discreetly expresses the younger generations’ desire for opulence, rather than the overt expressions of splendour that are more ubiquitous in traditional luxury handsets. Furthermore, this feature conveys a sense of time-tested refinement to young consumers looking to differentiate themselves from the convention.  

The 1080-pixel full HD dot notch screen also provides a more satisfying visual feel for users. This wider screen and its higher resolution create an optimal experience for gaming and entertainment fans, instantly propelling them into an exciting gaming session or movie.  

Capture Ultra-Clear Images and Style for Sheer Selfie Pleasure 

In addition to the iconic design, the high-performance images address the need of the younger generation to express their uniqueness and strong individuality freely. Powered with the extraordinary 32MP ultra-clear front Camera, high-resolution mode and a four-in-one sensor chip, it allows young consumers to capture their best expressions in ultra-clear and exceptionally textured selfies even when zooming in, or under poor light conditions.   

The selfie experience is also upgraded by AI scene light recognition, multi-frame fusion optimization technology, a touch-up restoration feature and a built-in smart beauty mode. 

The phone’s 50-megapixel back camera also excels at capturing high-quality photos. AI features also apply to the back camera, ensuring that all shots exceed user satisfaction.  

Night shooters will also delight at the model’s all-around fill-light, which provides uniform, three-dimensional fill light for the best portrait and close-up shots, and a super backlight HDR mode that can capture high-resolution videos in challenging light environments. With TECNO SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition, the beauty of users and their world can shine through the darkness.  

Deliver Strong and Powerful Performance for a Fast User Experience 

The SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition came with the high-performance MediaTek Helio G85 Chip Engine, which provided seamless gaming on both mobile and console, and delivered the same high-quality entertainment experiences, even for the most demanding mobile games, promising a smooth and matchable user experience that parallels the speed and stability of a sports car. A generous 5000 mAh battery and quick-charge 18W flash charger keeps the handset going strong for extended and heavy usage.  

The Sport Edition also came equipped with the Android 12 HiOS8.6, offering a well-recognized suite of powerful features that optimize daily usage experience. An ultra-large 128GB + 4GB memory allows users to store a wide collection of their favourite movies and photos, while the unique memory optimization feature also brings speedy and instantaneous satisfaction to young consumers who demand fast experiences. Super Boost 2.0 clears all phone clutter with one touch, keeping users’ collection of memories free from the junk, and optimizing phone memory for maximum storage space.  

Pricing & Availability  

The TECNO SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition will retail at Kes.21,500. Visit any TECNO-branded shop to get to experience the new device. Order online through JUMIA & KILIMALL.  


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