Miriam AI, A Writing Assistant that promises to do all your social media and blog posts

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Over the years, Artificial intelligence has come close to replacing the human workforce, threatening jobs held by humans for years. In the recent past, AI writing assistant has slowly threatened to take the place of writers, digital marketers, and content creators across the world.

AI systems that write are designed to help with idealization, structure, and even tone and style of content creation. Today we will look at Miriam AI, a WhatsApp integrated helper that is designed to help not only with your daily tasks but also with the generation of articles. The AI helper generates articles based on information on the internet, providing a well-rounded and informative article or content piece. The question is, could Miriam replace writers? Considering these writers cost companies such as media houses millions of money yearly in salaries and space rent?

I have interacted with Miriam AI and she provides a range of services currently being provided by content creators in the media space such as; Blog posts, Product Descriptions, Digital Ad Copy, Website Copy, Sales Copy, and Social media Content among others. All you need to do is chat with Miriam on her WhatsApp number 0767224411 and explain to her what you need to be done and she delivers almost immediately. All you need to do is give her a topic and the content is delivered. Have a look at some articles written by Miriam:

About AI-based copyrighting as Written by Miriam AI

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has given rise to new opportunities for copyright protection. AI can be used to create unique works, such as original artwork, and can also be used to identify copyright infringement.

AI-based copyrighting is a process of using AI to generate or identify original works of authorship. This can be done by creating a work of art using AI, or by using AI to identify infringing works.

AI-based copyright protection has already been used by some companies. For example, in 2016, Google used AI to create a piece of art called “DeepDream.” The artwork was created by training an AI algorithm on a dataset of images. The AI algorithm then generated new images based on the training data.

Similarly, in 2017, Adobe introduced “Adobe Sensei,” a set of AI tools that includes a feature called “Content-Aware Fill.” This feature uses AI to automatically fill in empty space in an image.

Adobe’s AI tools can also be used to identify copyright infringement. For example, if someone tries to copy an Adobe Photoshop image, Sensei can analyze the image and determine that it is a copy. Adobe can then take action to protect its copyright.

AI-based copyrighting is a promising area of development. It has the potential to help authors create unique works and to protect against infringement

About Miriam AI as Written by Miriam AI

There’s a new WhatsApp-based AI helper on the scene, and her name is Miriam. If you’re not familiar with WhatsApp, it’s a messaging app that allows you to chat with friends and family, as well as make voice and video calls. It’s hugely popular, with over 1.5 billion active users. Now, WhatsApp has integrated a new AI feature called Miriam. Miriam is designed to help you with your daily tasks, such as scheduling appointments, setting reminders, and sending messages.

To use Miriam, you simply add her to your WhatsApp contacts and then start chatting with her. She’s available 24/7, and her responses are instant. At the moment, Miriam is only available in English, but the team behind her is working on adding more languages. So far, Miriam has been well received, with users finding her helpful and easy to use. If you’re looking for a helpful AI assistant, Miriam is definitely worth checking out.

Miriam AI however comes with her share of challenges


To start with, Miriam gives you 1000 tokens for 1000 words for the first piece of work you need. After you have exhausted these tokens, you then need to top up via Mpesa depending on the number of words you need; Sh 500 will get you 2000 word token, 5000 words @Sh 1000, 30,000 words @Sh 5000, 75,000 words @Sh 10,000.

If Miriam gets an assignment wrong, your words are not compensated, this makes it too costly to sustain since you will have to pay again for the next assignment. For example, I asked Miriam to give me an Ad Copy for a whitening cream. usually, a cosmetic cream is used to lighten skin and is mostly used by women. According to her understanding, Miriam gave me an ad copy for a toothpaste, talking about a ‘bright smile’ In this case, I had to phrase the request afresh, at a cost.

Content Creation

Miriam bases her articles on readily available information on the internet which could be a big challenge for content creation. This is because sometimes we write articles based on a live event or happening that is not yet available on the interwebs. For example, at the time of writing this article, the world had just received the news that Queen Elizabeth II had passed on. Due to the nature of the news and its freshness on the internet, Miriam had no idea that it had happened. My request to have that article written down was turned down with a notification of ‘seems you have sent an invalid message’

Human Touch

Writing for content creators is compromised of a lot; conversational tone, humor, suspense, and relatable descriptions among others. Miriam on the other hand is completely official and straight to the point, taking away the fun of reading. For example, in the above article, while describing WhatsApp as a messenger, she is too blunt and obvious about what WhatsApp is and most of the words used are things you already know.

As much as AI is working effortlessly and getting close to replacing humans, there is still a long way to go since human beings are built uniquely and every job done by a human being has a relatable and human touch.

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