LG Rolls Out ‘Healthy Home Solutions’ Campaign On Consumer And Environmental Well-Being

LG Electronics has unveiled the Healthy Home Solutions global campaign, encouraging consumers worldwide to take steps toward a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle at home. The campaign focuses on how to regain vitality in one’s everyday life, offering tips for better home living. The new Healthy Home Solutions campaign is part of LG’s ongoing commitment to conserving the environment.

Through this campaign, LG hopes to raise awareness of how simple it can be to live more sustainably, and how important it is that customers take care of themselves, their homes, and the planet at large.
Following the success of its first Healthy Home campaign, launched back in 2020, LG has run a series of compelling campaigns introducing practices for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, including #CareForWhatYouWear, #CareForAGreenerKitchen, and #CareForWhereYouLive.

Aligned with these, the new Healthy Home Solutions campaign centers on creating a ‘wellness’ home environment with support from LG’s latest product lineups; from sophisticated clothing care and kitchen appliances to advanced air solutions.

The campaign is focused on illustrating how customers can make small changes at home to have a positive impact on personal wellbeing and the environment. Some of the effective, easy-to-adopt measures include cooking healthy meals using fresh, local ingredients instead of ordering greasy takeout food, preventing textile waste by refreshing garments with steam, and raising the set temperature of one’s air conditioner to reduce energy consumption and help protect the planet.

To deliver the campaign’s key messages along with practical, simple ideas for everyday life, LG has formed its own global influencer group – the Wellness Crew. A total of three ‘crews,’ each with different areas of expertise corresponding to the categories of Eat (healthy eating), Breathe (mental wellbeing), and Wear (sustainable clothing), will be sharing their expert advice using the hashtag #WellnessLiving.


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