What’s Inside An LG Electronics Warranty?

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After-sales service is an important aspect of brand value creation. Brands have restructured the customer relationship management division to meet modern consumer needs. In June last year, LG Electronics renewed its commitment to offer the Best Service to its customers by unveiling the LG Customer Service Charter. The 2-Year product warranty is at the center of this renewed commitment.

Proactive Customer care is a key factor for a brand’s business growth. In customer service, innovation is realized through customer value creation. Through collaboration and teamwork, the care and delight team executes the warranty policy by providing channels for DIY guides, user manuals, product inspection, and repair services. Customer service also involves expertise in the after-sale services such as; customer consultants, service engineers, and product installers among others.

Through the 2-year product warranty, the LG Care and Delight team provides repair services and other customer requirements under the deal. The 2-year warranty ensures that customers can confidently enjoy the LG products experience by having the electronics Customer Care team just a call away.
In the eight years that LG has been running the 2-Year Product warranty policy, they have seen the positive effect it has had on their customer’s product utility and experience.

Customers can now spend their hard-earned cash on premium appliances based on the trust they have in their warranty guarantee. A product warranty means that a brand guarantees a FREE repair by incurring the cost of labor and service parts in case of faulty product quality, poor performance, or general malfunction while using the product.

For LG Electronics, customers who have purchased bulky products like over 55” TVs, Washing machines, and Refrigerators, will enjoy FREE In Home repair service during the 2-year warranty period. The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase as indicated in the product warranty card. For rare instances where quality repair is impossible to guarantee or where the cost of repair exceeds the price of a new product, LG then offers a free unit replacement to resolve the service claim.

However, LG’s 2-year product warranty does not apply for cases where a defect is caused by physical damage or where a domestic product is used in an abnormal environment like in a car, truck, or so forth. The LG product warranty ensures that the customers have access to safe, reliable, and secure repairs with genuine LG parts when the need arises.


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