Digital Online Insurance Flexi Hela To Enhance Insurance Penetration

Sanlam Kenya has launched Flexi Hela, a life savings product that will cover up to 4 dependent children with access to accrued savings within 24 hours at a zero-surrender cost.

Customers will enjoy the policy’s benefits as they continue to save, as long as the policy remains active. Its flexible nature allows savings contributions to grow at the declared interest rate over time, with withdrawals viable at any time and subject to no penalties.

To provide an end-to-end digital distribution of Flexi Hela, Sanlam Kenya has partnered with mTek-Services, a local digital online insurance platform that provides an entirely paperless ecosystem for the insurance industry. Flexi Hela customers will use the mTek app to save and access their savings in real-time. Customers will be allowed to adjust the limit of their savings and the life cover through the Sanlam customer portal, allowing flexibility in adopting the product.

“Flexi Hela is our response to the developing needs in the market driven by customer-centricity. Through this strategic partnership with mTek, we aim to increase insurance penetration to the customer by allowing them the choice to exit at their will,” said Sanlam Kenya CEO, Nyamemba Tumbo
The partnership between Sanlam Kenya is meant to create multiple touch points that will specifically enable ease of use. The digital nature of Flexi-Hela makes the adoption of the product more affordable.

“With mTek’s digital platform, Flexi Hela customers will be able to make affordable and, most importantly, flexible insurance payments; without having to fill in any paperwork, providing them with security and peace of mind at their fingertips. In addition, customers should expect exemplary personalized customer services with full transparency.” said mTek’s CEO, Bente Krogmann

mTek is a platform that allows customers to purchase insurance directly from providers while offering policy comparisons and filing claims directly from the customer’s smart devices.


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